[Comp-neuro] Three postdoctoral positions in computational and systems olfactory neuroscience in Pittsburgh

Nathan Urban nnurban at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 17:51:30 CEST 2015

Drs. Bard Ermentrout and Nathan Urban of the University of Pittsburgh,
(Departments of Mathematics and Neurobiology) and the Center for the Neural
Basis of Cognition invite applications for three postdoctoral positions for
a NSF-funded BRAIN initiative project focused on the experimental and
computational analysis of odor-driven navigation.

(See NSF press release:

This three year project involves investigators at six institutions and is
focused on analysis of how olfactory cues are used to guide navigation
behavior in a number of species. Both behavioral strategies and brain
mechanisms will be evaluated. The Pittsburgh group will combine
experimental and computational approaches and will integrate detailed
measurement and analysis of mouse behavior with simultaneous measurements
of neural activity.

We seek candidates with expertise in:
Neurophysiology especially in vivo recording
Automated behavioral analysis
Computational models of brain networks

The successful candidate will have a PhD or equivalent degree in
neuroscience, applied math, engineering, computer science or a related
discipline. Successful candidates will have a track record of publications
and experience in experimental and/or computational neuroscience. Postdocs
will be expected to participate in ongoing collaborations with other groups
in Pittsburgh and in other locations, especially the other members of this
project team. Postdocs in the lab will have the opportunity to present
their work at national and international meetings and to take advantage of
many opportunities for professional development..

Applicants can contact Dr. Urban via e-mail at nurban at pitt.edu and/ or Dr
Ermentrout at bard at pitt.edu and should apply via:

*https://goo.gl/HkhtY5 <https://goo.gl/HkhtY5>.Nathan Urban, Ph.D.Vice
Provost for Special Projects829 Cathedral of LearningProfessor and
Associate Chair - Department of Neurobiologyhttp://www.neurobio.pitt.edu/
<http://www.neurobio.pitt.edu/>Co-Director Center for the Neural basis of
Cognitionwww.cnbc.cmu.edu <http://www.cnbc.cmu.edu/>Associate Director
Pittsburgh Brain Institutehttp://www.braininstitute.pitt.edu/
<http://www.braininstitute.pitt.edu/>E1440 BSTWR200 Lothrop
StreetUniversity of PittsburghPittsburgh, PA
15213Phone: 412-648-3396nurban at pitt.edu <nurban at pitt.edu> *
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