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We invite submissions for the journal track of the European Conference on
Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in
Databases (ECMLPKDD) 2016. The conference provides an international forum
for the discussion of the latest high-quality research results in all areas
related to machine learning, data mining, and knowledge discovery. The
conference will take place in Riva Del Garda, Italy, September 19-23, 2016.
This edition will feature a full day of plenary presentations---for papers
of general interest to the whole community---and two days of parallel
sessions. All accepted papers will be presented both orally and as posters.

What papers are eligible for the journal track?

Papers on all topics related to machine learning, knowledge discovery, and
data mining are invited. However, given the special nature of the journal
track, only papers that satisfy the quality criteria of journal papers and
at the same time lend themselves to conference talks will be considered.
This implies that journal versions of previously published conference
papers, or survey papers will not be considered for the special issue.
Papers that do not fall into the eligible category may be rejected without
formal reviews but can of course be resubmitted as regular papers. Authors
are encouraged to adhere to the best practices of Reproducible Research
(RR), by making available data and software tools for reproducing the
results reported in their papers. For the sake of persistence and proper
authorship attribution, we require the use of standard repository hosting
services such as http://dataverse.org, http://mldata.org, http://openml.org,
etc. for data sets, and http://mloss.org, https://bitbucket.org,
https://github.com, etc. for source code. Authors who submit their work to
the special ECMLPKDD issues of the journals commit themselves to present
their results at the ECMLPKDD 2016 conference in case of acceptance.

How to submit?

To submit to this track, authors have to make a journal submission to
either the Springer Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal or the
Springer Machine Learning journal, and indicate that the submission is for
the “ECMLPKDD 2016" special issue. It is recommended that submitted papers
do not exceed 20 pages including references and appendices, formatted in
the Springer journal slyle (svjour3,smallcondensed). This is a soft limit,
but if a submission exceeds the limit, please provide a brief justification
regarding the length in the cover letter.

Authors are required to include a cover letter containing a short summary
of their contribution (2 pages max), where they address the following

1. What is the main claim of the paper? Why is this an important
contribution to the machine learning/data mining literature?

2. What is the evidence provided to support claims? Be precise.

3. What papers by other authors make the most closely related
contributions, and how is the paper related to them?

4. Who are the most appropriate reviewers for the paper? Authors are
encouraged to suggest up to four candidate reviewers (especially if
external to the Guest Editorial Board), including a brief motivation for
each suggestion.

What is the reviewing process?

The journal track allows continuous submissions from the end of September
2015 to March 2016. We expect two cutoffs per month on which we distribute
papers to reviewers with the first one being the 27th of September 2015 and
the last one being the 30th of March 2016. For papers accepted without
revisions we strive for a turn around time of two months. This means that
we should be able to include all of those submissions in the special issue.
However, in the last years there has often been the need for revisions and
we therefore recommend to submit papers as early as possible.


You can contact the Journal Track Chairs at jt_chairs at ecmlpkdd2016.org.
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