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Subject: PhD Position - Florida International University

PhD Position
Neuronal Mass Dynamics lab (https://nmd.fiu.edu/), Department of Biomedical Engineering, Florida International University
Description: We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate to investigate the mechanisms underlying the Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD). CSD is a disorder of the brain characterized by a transient but complete loss of neuronal function and a complete breakdown in ionic homeostasis in affected brain areas. This disturbance spreads at speeds of 2-7mm/min across the brain. Despite efforts, the propagative agent the CSD wave remains controversial.
Goal: The goal of the current research project is to develop a solid bridge between a comprehensive computational model and intracranial data (i.e. VSDI, LFP/MUA, LDF, and IOS) obtained from rats during induced-CSD propagation. The computational model, consisting of partial differential equations (PDEs) that describe voltage dynamics, electro-diffusion of ions and osmotic water flow in the central nervous system, as well as the numerical algorithm to integrate it, will be developed in collaboration with Dr. Yoichiro Mori at the University of Minnesota. Obtaining experimental data and developing algorithms for statistical inference on certain model parameters will constitute the core of the PhD thesis. Data from this study will be used to evaluate mechanisms and principles underlying the genesis of the LFPs, as well as the nature of the EEG and MEG current sources.
Qualifications: The ideal candidate should have an interdisciplinary research background with experience in computational neuroscience, biophysical modeling and MATLAB programming. Background in experimental neurophysiology is desirable. Candidates with a MSc in Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computational Neuroscience or related field will have preferences.
This PhD position is supported by NSF funds. As part of this grant, the PhD student will be able to enjoy Summer Internships at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Minnesota. Position should start on summer 2016. However, there might be chances to expedite the entire recruitment process in order to start PhD-related activities on spring 2016.
Stipend: $25,000
Tuition: Waived

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Please, send your Resume to:
Jorge Riera, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. Biomedical Engineering
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33174
Tel: 305 348 4948
Email: jrieradi at fiu.edu<mailto:jrieradi at fiu.edu>

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