[Comp-neuro] Phd Student Neuroinformatics

Sharon Crook Sharon.Crook at asu.edu
Thu Sep 10 22:53:48 CEST 2015

A PhD Research Assistantship is available in the Laboratory for Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics with Dr. Sharon Crook and Dr. Rick Gerkin at Arizona State University. 

We seek a student interested in research on reproducible computational neuroscience. Through the Arizona State University Interdisciplinary PhD in Neuroscience (https://neuroscience.asu.edu), this student will help develop tools to encode, exchange and validate neuron and circuit models against experimental data in collaboration with an international team of researchers working in this area. Experience with Python programming and version control systems is desired. 

Contact Dr. Sharon Crook at sharon.crook at asu.edu for more information about how to apply.

Sharon Crook
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Vice President, Organization for Computational Neuroscience

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