[Comp-neuro] Focus session on sensorimotor circuits at 2016 APS March Meeting

Tatyana Sharpee sharpee at salk.edu
Fri Oct 30 17:24:59 CET 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract for the next APS March Meeting, and i
n particular, for the Focus Session "Physics of Sensorimotor Neural Circuits
.” The meeting will take place in Baltimore, MD, on March 14-18, 2016.

Abstract submission deadline: November 6, 2015, 5:00pm EST

You can submit abstracts for CONTRIBUTED TALKS for this Focus Session and ot
hers (see below for a list of session especially relevant to neuroscience). 
As a session organizer, I’d like to invite you to submit exciting new work o
n sensory and/or motor neural systems. The focus session will consist of 2 i
nvited talks and ~8 contributed talks.

Submission and relevant information is through the APS site:

Please note that only APS members (or members of reciprocal societies) can s
ubmit the abstracts. You can obtain your membership online.

Invited and Focus sessions of relevance to neuroscience will include, among 

1. Large Scale Neuroscience Projects
2. Theoretical physics and networks of real neurons
3. Inference in Biophysics
4. Principles of Cell-to-Cell communication
5. Brain Morphology and Mechanics: From Cortex Folding to Neuronal Growth to
  Compression Stiffening
6. Robophysics: physics meets robotics
7. Physics of sensorimotor neural circuits
8. Neural control of behavior
9. Maximum entropy models: a promising link between statistical physics, inf
erence, and biology
10. Critical transitions in biological systems

Some of the invited speakers include:

Vijay Balasubramanian (U Pennsylvania)
William Bialek (Princeton U)
Gwyneth Card (Janelia Farm)
David van Essen (Washington U, St. Loius)
Adrienne Fairhall (U Washington)
Surya Ganguli (Stanford U)
Mark Goldman (UC Davis)
Alexei Koulakov (CSHL)
Thierry Mora (ENS)
Stephanie Palmer (U Chicago)
Hanchuan Peng (Allen Institute)
Elad Schneidman (Hebrew U)
Terry Sejnowski (Salk Institute)
Naftali Tishby (Hebrew U)
Gasper Tkacik (IST Austria) 
and others.

We are now accepting abstract submissions for contributed talks on a 
broad range of topics on the intersection of physics and neuroscience, 
such as quantitative experimental protocols, modeling of neural 
dynamics, analysis of collective computation in neural
  circuits, and others. 

Best Regards,


Tatyana O. Sharpee, PhD
Associate Professor
Helen McLoraine Developmental Chair
Computational Neurobiology Laboratory
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
La Jolla, CA 92037

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