[Comp-neuro] Mechanization of Consciousness for the Development of Strong AI

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*Dear Colleagues,*

This book is suitable for anyone interested in strong AI

*Biophysics of Consciousness: A Foundational Approach*


650pp    Feb 2016 ISBN: 978-981-4644-25-9 (hardcover) Normal price
* USD158.00*


·  Preface

·  Foreword: Addressing the Hard Problem of Consciousness

·  Contents

·  Neurobiological Naturalism

·  The Evolutionary Origins of Consciousness

·  How Language Evolution Reshaped Human Consciousness

·  Consciousness by Surprise: A Neuropsychoanalytic Approach to the Hard

·  Can Qualitative Biophysics Solve the Hard Problem?

·  The Causal Roots of Integration and the Unity of Consciousness

·  The Holoinformational Foundations of Consciousness

·  Neural Transition Dynamics and Conscious Perceptive States

·  The Two-Brains Hypothesis: Implications for Consciousness

·  The Origins of the Brain's Endogenous Electromagnetic Field and Its
Relationship to Provision of Consciousness

·  Consciousness as a Quantum Dynamic Effect

·  Quantum Spin Formalism on Consciousness

·  The 'Quantum Underground': Where Life and Consciousness Originate

·  Consciousness in the Universe — An *Updated* Review of the 'Orch OR'

·  Index

*Readership:* Researchers in neuroscience, cognitive science, biophysics,
quantum physics and strong AI.

Available for Amazon books at a Pre-order Price Guarantee USD$*100.62*


Lleuvelyn Cacha, PhD
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