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Maro Machizawa machizawa at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Tue Oct 27 03:52:48 CET 2015

Dear potential applicants on the Comp-neuro mailing list,

Please see below for an announcement for:
A position of postdoc/assistant professor (research) and
visiting opportunities for associate/full professors at the Center for
KANSEI Innovation at Hiroshima University, Japan.

Looking forward to hearing from motivated candidates.

Best Wishes,
The Center for KANSEI Innovation, newly launched in 2013 at the Hiroshima
University (one of top ten Japanese universities), is seeking
computational/mathematical neuroscientists from overseas. Under the new,
exciting scheme of government-funded project, COI STREAM, our mission is to
innovate research developments foreseeing 10 years in the future. The
center’s mission is to drive radical innovation on KANSEI— a Japanese term
corresponding to emergent properties of our feelings, sensations, or
emotions that are expressed and embedded in our complex neural and
physiological responses. One of our primary missions is to create brain
emotion interfaces, which is to bridge mental gaps amongst people,
enriching our mental quality of life. The center is fully equipped with our
own MRI scanner (Siemens Verio 3T) with EEG, eye-tracker, TMS, and
tACS/tDCS facilities, as well as several physiological-measurement
equipments, plus a shared access to an MEG facility.

Full-time research lecturer (assistant professor)/Postdoc: The successful
candidate for the full-time positions has expertise in mathematical models
on data collected from multimodal environment (i.e., fMRI and EEG as well
as various physiological responses). Expertise in machine learning,
computational engineering, and/or brain computer interface is necessary.
High interpersonal skills are expected as well to interact with a large
group of talented, interdisciplinary colleagues from universities and
industries with various backgrounds in a friendly, open-minded environment.
Contract will be updated annually. The position is available now.

Visiting professor (on sabbatical): We are also seeking visiting professors
on a sabbatical with background including but not limited to
computational/mathematical neurosciences. Expertise in other fields related
to neuroscience and engineering are welcome. A period to visit is
negotiable, but until year 2020. For both positions, salaries are depending
on your experiences and a regulation set by the Hiroshima University
Faculty Members employed under annual salary system.

About Hiroshima: The center is located at the heart of a beautiful city of
Hiroshima, which is the biggest city around the Chugoku region on the main
island in Japan. Hiroshima is well known for its fruitful resources for
activities, nature, and high-quality cuisines.

Our website: http://coikansei.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/

For more details, or to apply (with your CV), send an email to:
recruit at coikansei.hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Maro Machizawa, PhD (Neurology)
Assistant Professor
Dept. Psychiatry & Neurosciences
Center for KANSEI Innovation
TEL: +81(0)82-257-1722; FAX: +81(0)82-257-1723
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