[Comp-neuro] INCF at SfN: community tool demos in our both #2114

Malin Sandström malin.sandstrom at incf.org
Wed Oct 14 11:20:13 CEST 2015

Dear all,

This year in Chicago, you are very welcome to come and visit INCF in *booth
#2114*, located in the funders row. Are you working on an interesting
project, or looking for new collaborators? Come by and talk to us, and
bring a colleague! Our booth has a comfortable sofa perfect for short
spontaneous meetings.

As usual, we host *demos of community tools* in our booth, Sunday through
Tuesday. Interested in model discovery with *SenseLab* and *NeuroElectro*,
or in the latest developments of *OpenWorm*? Do you want to get
started on collaborative
model development with *Open Source Brain?* Meet them and many others in
our booth on Oct 18-20 (full schedule below).

On *Sunday October 18*, you can meet us at:

* the SfN-sponsored *neuroinformatics social* (room N229, 18:45-20:45),
with presentations by Tom Insel and Sean Hill, chaired by David Kennedy
from NITRC and with representation from NIF and INCF.
* or get an introduction to the *Neurodata Without Borders *data format at
the Fairmont Chicago (Ambassador room, 18:30-->).

And on *Tuesday October 20*, we will of course be at the SfN-sponsored
neuroscience social (Room N139, 18:45-20:45).

More details on our SfN webpage https://incf.org/community/sfn2015 or in
our special edition SfN Newsletter http://eepurl.com/bClxYf

See you in Chicago!

Best regards,
Malin Sandström on behalf of the INCF Secretariat


9:30-11:15   Sharing neuroimaging results with NIDM

11:15-13:00  NIX: Versatile file format for consistent data organization
and sharing

13:30-15:15   J-Node live demos

15:15-17:00   NeuroVault.org: A web-based repository for collecting and
sharing unthresholded statistical maps of the human brain

9:30-11:15  The CARMEN Portal. What it is, what has been learned

11:15-13:00  CENTER-TBI data capture and analysis platform

13:30-15:15  Microcircuit cell types, connectomics, and model discovery
usingSenseLab andNeuroElectro

15:15-17:00  OpenWorm: An open science approach to computational

9:30-11:15  TimeLapseReg: An ImageJ plugin for drift correction of video
sequences in time lapse microscopy

11:15-13:00 Collaborative model development on Open Source Brain

13:30-15:15 Research Resource ID's and annotating the web

15:15-17:00  KnowledgeSpace demo

Malin Sandström, PhD
Community Engagement Officer
malin.sandstrom at incf.org

International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility
Karolinska Institutet
Nobels väg 15 A
SE-171 77  Stockholm
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