[Comp-neuro] Joint Harvard-IIT postdoctoral position in computational neuroscience (Harvey and Panzeri Labs)

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Fri Oct 9 11:46:12 CEST 2015

Dear all,

We will very soon open a new postdoctoral position in computational
neuroscience in collaboration between the labs of Chris Harvey at Harvard
Medical School (Boston) and of Stefano Panzeri at the Italian Institute of
Technology (Rovereto, Italy). The post will be available from beginning of
2016 and is expected to be filled within the next couple of months.

This postdoctoral position will be to work on neural population coding. The
successful candidate will develop new analytical methods to study how
populations of neurons encode sensory information and how this information
is used to produce decisions. The candidate will apply these methods to
large-scale recordings of neurons in sensory areas and posterior parietal
cortex using calcium imaging methods in behaving rodents that navigate in a
virtual reality environment.

The successful candidate will work in Chris Harvey’s Lab at Harvard (
http://harveylab.hms.harvard.edu) and will have the opportunity to visit
Panzeri’s lab (http://www.iit.it/en/people/stefano-panzeri.html) on a
regular basis for scientific collaborations.

Interested applicants should contact both Chris Harvey (
harvey at hms.harvard.edu) and Stefano Panzeri (stefano.panzeri at iit.it) by
email, emailing their CV with the inquiry. Chris Harvey will be willing to
meet prospective candidates at the SFN conference.

For recent papers relevant to this postdoctoral opportunity, applicants are
invited to consult the following articles:

Harvey, C.D. et al. (2012) Choice-specific sequences in parietal cortex
during a virtual-navigation decision task. Nature 484, 62–68

Zuo Y, et al (2015) Spike timing and spike rate make complementary
contributions to perceptual decisions in rat S1 and S2 cortex. Current
Biology 25: 357-363

Panzeri, S, et al (2015) Neural population coding: combining insights from
microscopic and mass signals, Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19: 162-172


Chris Harvey and Stefano Panzeri

harvey at hms.harvard.edu

stefano.panzeri at iit.it
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