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2016 Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop
March 7, 2016-March 9, 2016
Berkeley, CA

Registration and abstract submission open


About the meeting
Neuro-inspired Computational Elements (NICE) workshops have been held for the last three years, bringing the very wide ranging scientific disciplines (neuroscience: imaging, theory, algorithms), hardware and applications communities looking for a common ground to accelerate the development of next generation of computing approaches.  The key outcome will be the further clarification of the value proposition for neuro-inspired/neuromorphic computing: why and how could these systems deliver the performance and efficiency we seek beyond conventional computing approaches? The concurrent task for the workshop is to identify pathways for building and accelerating the evaluation and development of such systems.

Speakers include:
Steve Zornetzer (NASA Ames)
Steve Furber (University of Manchester)
Winfield Wilcke (IBM)
Wolfgang Maas (Technishe Universitat Graz)
Michael Schmucker (University of Sussex)
David Kirk (NVidia)
Giacomo Indiveri (University of Zurich)
Bruce Hendrickson (Sandia National Laboratories)
Alice Parker (USC)
Dharmendra Modha (IBM)

To Register
Please click on the following registration page link

If you are interested in presenting at the workshop, we ask that you submit an extended abstract (1 page max pdf) during registration. There is an opportunity to upload your abstract at the bottom of the "personal information" page. After your information is entered you will be asked to pay. The 3 day event costs $275.00 per person, plus processing fees.

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