[Comp-neuro] Postdoc position in neural engineering for a system designer to design, implement, and test a novel noninvasive neural recording system (CMU, Pittsburgh)

Pulkit Grover pulkit at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 12:51:47 CET 2015

A team of three engineers (Grover, Weldon, Kelly) is seeking an
interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellow for a 1 year position (extendable,
depending on fit and progress) to design, implement and experimentally
test, a high density neural recording system. The ongoing project will
leverage results obtained by the investigators to disrupt neural recording
systems as they exist, providing novel solutions to long-standing open
problems of clinical and neuroscientific relevance. A successful candidate
will be paid competitively.

The overall team comprises:

* Pulkit Grover (Information theory, signal processing, circuits, CMU ECE
and CNBC)

* Jeffrey Weldon (circuits, devices, CMU ECE)

* Shawn Kelly (circuits, devices, neural implants, CMU ECE and ICES)

* Marlene Behrmann (neuroscience, member of National Academy of Sciences,
CMU Psych and CNBC)

* Michael Tarr (neuroscience, head of psychology, CMU Psych and CNBC)

* Dr. Mark Richardson (Director, Adult Epilepsy and Movement Disorders
Surgery and Brain Modulation Lab, University of Pittsburgh and CNBC)

The candidate will be expected to interact regularly with the first three,
and intermittently with the rest, to lead this project.

Preferred skills: System-level design and hardware implementation
experience is a must. Experience in board design will be helpful. Expertise
in MATLAB, circuits, neuroengineering/neuroscience, signal processing,
information theory, devices, is helpful but not necessary.

The team also includes one Ph.D. and six undergraduate students working on
information theory and circuit design for these systems, and actively
collaborates with faculty in psychology and neuroscience, and clinicians.

The fellow is expected to focus on system design, implementation, and
testing. The concepts and implementation developed by our group lay the
foundation for this project. Within one year, the fellow is expected to:

* Lead design and implementation of an ongoing high-density neural
recording system project at CMU (using off-the-shelf components), and

* (Collaboratively) experimentally validate it, neuroscientifically and

As such, this is a challenging yet accomplishable postdoctoral position
providing a unique interdisciplinary opportunity to the applicants.
Applicants should hold a PhD. Those with a mix of board-design,
circuits-design, and/or signal processing/optimization/bioengineering
background, with interest in neuroscience/neuroengineering/bioengineering,
are especially encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, a CV, and the names
and contact information for 3 researchers who can provide a recommendation:
pulkit at cmu.edu, jweldon at andrew.cmu.edu, skkelly at andrew.cmu.edu . For
further information, please send an email to the three email addresses as

The position is available immediately and applications will be considered
until the position is filled.
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