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Fri Nov 13 04:27:17 CET 2015

Apply for *graduate training in neuroscience
<http://neuroscience.uchicago.edu/graduate-training/>* at the University of
Chicago, where a large *neuroscience faculty
<http://neuroscience.uchicago.edu/faculty>* provides stimulating research
opportunities at levels ranging from genes and molecules to computation and
human behavior, in laboratories distributed across eight departments in the
biological, social, and physical sciences. *Applications
entry in the Fall of 2016 are now being accepted, with a deadline
of December 1, 2015. *

Graduate training is organized into three programs with different emphases.
For information about each program and how to apply, follow the links:

- The *Program in Neurobiology
a broad spectrum of subfields, including molecular and developmental
neurobiology, cellular and synaptic electrophysiology and imaging, and
neurobiology of disease.

- The *Program in Computational Neuroscience
quantitative approaches to experimental neuroscience, including
mathematical methods and computational modeling of the nervous system.

- The *Integrative Neuroscience Program
<https://socialsciences.uchicago.edu/admissions>* focuses on the biological
basis of complex behaviors.


Sliman Bensmaia
Associate Professor
Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
University of Chicago
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