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This position provides an exciting opportunity to conduct novel research at
the translational interface between clinical medicine and the neuroscience
of consciousness at a world-leading clinical and academic environment. The
post will be based within the Cambridge Research Into Impaired
Consciousness (CRIC) group at the University of Cambridge (
http://www.wbic.cam.ac.uk/Members/cric/). The research will be a part of a
study funded by the Evelyn Trust, and led by Dr. Srivas Chennu, the Senior
Research Associate in the group (http://www.wbic.cam.ac.uk/Members/sc672/).
It will involve on-site assessments of those in vegetative and minimally
conscious states using non-invasive electroencephalography (EEG). These
assessments will pilot the clinical deployment of the latest advances in
the neuroscience of human consciousness.

Drawing upon these advances, neuroscientists at Cambridge have developed
bedside tools to aid more accurate assessments of such patients. The
researcher will be involved in one of the first systematic studies to use
such tools to assess and follow-up patients at regular intervals to monitor
the recovery of brain networks and cognitive function. The role will also
involve interaction with clinical neurorehabilitation experts. The findings
from this research are expected to be published in leading academic
journals, and aims to generate the necessary evidence for integration with
clinical service delivery and exploitation of commercialisation potential.

Salary range: £24,775 - £28,695

Location: Cambridge, UK

Fixed-term: until 30th September 2018 in the first instance.

Closing date for application: 4 December 2015
For more details and to make an application, please go to:
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