[Comp-neuro] REMINDER: the first NESTML community workshop

Jochen Martin Eppler j.eppler at fz-juelich.de
Tue Nov 10 17:12:12 CET 2015


This is just a reminder for our upcoming workshop.

Best regards,

On 23.09.2015 16:25, Jochen Martin Eppler wrote:
> Announcing the first community workshop on NESTML, the novel modelling
> language to create neuron models for the NEST simulator for spiking
> neuronal networks (nest-simulator.org).
> Abstract
> ^^^^^^^^
> Currently, neuron and synapse models in NEST are written as C++ classes.
> These classes implement the simulator API for updating the neuronal
> dynamics, sending and receiving events, and auxiliary tasks such as
> initialization, recording of internal variables, calibration and
> handling of parameters.
> As the model code is hand-written and often created by copy and paste,
> this method is prone to errors and hinders the programmatic re-use of
> components such as neuronal dynamics, post-synaptic responses and
> synaptic plasticity mechanisms.
> Moreover, as many neuroscientists are not experts in C++, the process of
> creating models is often seen as complicated and in many cases the
> resulting model implementations are not optimal with respect to
> performance, consistency and testability.
> To ease writing models for NEST and improve the general quality of the
> code, we have created the NEST Modelling Language. NESTML comprises a
> language specification to describe neuron models in terms of
> neuroscience concepts and a set of tools to generate efficient C++ code
> for NEST from this description.
> During the workshop, we will give a general introduction to model
> creation for NEST and an in-depth introduction to the concepts and
> application of NESTML. In hands-on sessions the participants have the
> opportunity to write their own models in NESTML with the assistance of
> experienced tutors. The feedback collected in a dedicated session will
> be used to shape the future design and development of NESTML.
> Target Audience
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The workshop aims at students and researchers in computational
> neuroscience who want to create their own neuron models in NEST. Some
> understanding of programming and experience with one of the simulators
> NEST, NEURON, or Brian will be helpful, but are not strictly required.
> Location and date
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The workshop will take place at the Chair of Software Engineering
> (se-rwth.de) of RWTH Aachen University from Monday, December 7 to
> Wednesday, December 9, 2015.
> Details and registration
> Workshop attendance is possible free of charge. However, in order to be
> able to plan rooms, lunches and coffee breaks, we require registration.
> For details and enrolment, visit www.fz-juelich.de/ias/jsc/nestml-ws.
> With best regards,
> Jochen!

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