[Comp-neuro] Workshop on Cognitive Development for Friendly Robots and Rehabilitation

Giulio Sandini Giulio.Sandini at iit.it
Mon Nov 9 18:51:20 CET 2015

International Workshop on Cognitive Development for

Friendly Robots and Rehabilitation

International Symposium on Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Via Morego 30, Genoa (Italy)
2-3 December 2015
We are glad to invite you to a two-days workshop on human cognitive development and its implications for Robotics and Rehabilitation.
The participation in the workshop is free of charge, but it requires a registration for organizational purposes. The detailed program and the registration form<https://www.codefror.eu/events> can be found at the workshop's website: https://www.codefror.eu/events. Deadline for registration and abstract's submission is 25th of November.

The event  is jointly organized by the European project CODEFROR: COgnitive Development for Friendly RObots and Rehabilitation and the "JSPS  Core to Core program: Competitive Partnership on Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics. CODEFROR is an EU project within the "International Research Staff Exchange Scheme" (FP7-MSCA-PIRSES-2013-612555), which investigates aspects of human cognitive development with the dual goal of developing robots able to interact with humans in a friendly way and of designing and testing protocols for rehabilitation of disabled children. Partners in the project are the Italian Institute of Technology, the Universities of Bielefeld in Germany, Osaka and Tokyo in Japan. The webpage of the project is: https://www.codefror.eu/.

The program of the workshop consists of two days of presentations by invited speakers spanning from cognitive robotics, human cognition, human-robot interaction, robotic and sensory rehabilitation, prosthesis, surgical robotics, computational neuroscience.  The impact of research and technological solutions on social needs and, more specifically, on rehabilitation and support of persons with disabilities will be central to the workshop.

If you are interested in presenting your work at the poster session, please specify it in the registration form and submit a 300 words abstract. Deadline for registration and abstract's submission is 25th of November. You will be notified of poster acceptance soon after.

Among the speakers:- Minoru Asada, Yukie Nagai and Takashi Fujikado (Osaka University), Jochen Steil and Friederike Eyssel  (Bielefeld University), Rajesh Rao, (University of Washington), Gabriel Baud-Bovy, Cristina Becchio, Fabio Benfenati,  Luca Brayda, Leonardo De Mattos, Monica Gori, Hagen Leman, Pietro Morasso, Giulio Sandini (IIT).

For any enquiry or further information, please refer to the workshop webpage: https://www.codefror.eu/events or contact Maria Carmela Fierro (conference at codefror.eu<mailto:conference at codefror.eu> ).

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