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The Graduate Program in Neuroscience at Princeton University offers a unique and intensive program of study spanning molecular, cellular, systems and cognitive neuroscience, followed by advanced research in a world-class Princeton laboratory. We seek highly motivated and creative students in our efforts to understand the brain.

A listing of faculty affiliated with the program can be found online at www.princeton.edu/neuroscience<http://www.princeton.edu/neuroscience>, and below. Our doctoral program is flexible and individually-tailored, and we encourage students to pursue research with more than one faculty and across departmental boundaries.

Applications for entry in the Fall of 2015 are now being accepted, with a deadline of December 1. For details, including contact information, please visit www.princeton.edu/neuroscience<http://www.princeton.edu/neuroscience>.

Michael Berry - Neural computation in the retina
William Bialek - Interface between physics and biology
Lisa Boulanger - Neuronal functions of immune molecules
Carlos Brody - Quantitative and behavioral neurophysiology
Tim Buschman - Neural dynamics of cognitive control
Jonathan Cohen - Neural bases of cognitive control
Nathaniel Daw - Reward, learning and decision making
Lynn Enquist - Neurovirology
Liz Gavis - Neural development and mRNA localization in Drosophila
Alan Gelperin - Learning, memory and olfaction
Asif Ghazanfar - Neurobiology of primate social agents
Elizabeth Gould - Neurogenesis and hippocampal function
Michael Graziano - Sensorimotor integration
Charles Gross - Functions of the cerebral cortex in behavior
Uri Hasson - Temporal scales of neural processing
Philip Holmes - Mathematical modeling
John Hopfield - Computational neurobiology/biophysics
Barry Jacobs - Brain monoamine neurotransmitters
Sabine Kastner - Neural mechanisms for visual perception
Carolyn McBride - Molecular and neural basis of behavioral evolution
Mala Murthy - Neurophysiology of olfactory and auditory perception in Drosophila
Coleen Murphy - Molecular mechanisms of aging
Yael Niv - Reinforcement learning and decision making, computational psychiatry
Ken Norman - Neural bases of episodic memory
Jonathan Pillow - Neural information processing, machine learning, and statistical modeling of neural data
Sebastian Seung - Structure and function of neural circuits
Joshua Shaevits - Neural and behavioral dynamics in simple organisms
David Tank - Neural circuit dynamics
Jordan Taylor - Motor control and learning
Alexander Todorov - Cognitive neuroscience of social cognition and behavior
Nicholas Turk-Browne - Cognitive neuroscience of attention, perception and memory
Samuel Wang - Dynamics and learning in neural circuits
Ilana Witten - Neural circuits underlying reward and motivation
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