[Comp-neuro] Open PhD / Postdoc position at Ulm University

Dr. Schwenker friedhelm.schwenker at uni-ulm.de
Fri Mar 20 15:04:49 CET 2015

In the *Institute of Neural Information Processing at Ulm University, 
Germany,* we can offer a *PhD-student or postdoc position* from June or 
July 2015 until the end of 2016 with some potential of prolongation.

We are working on artificial neural networks and learning systems for 
pattern recognition, in particular on the use of affective information 
in human-computer-interaction and companion systems. The particular 
research focus of this position is on the combination of methods and 
observations from sensor-based pattern recognition with methods and 
information from relational knowledge representation and/or the handling 
of uncertainty in this kind of neuro-symbolic integration. The research 
topic is part of a collaborative interdisciplinary research project 
(SFB-TR 62) on “A companion technology for cognitive technical systems”, 
see http://www.uni-ulm.de/en/in/sfb-transregio-62.html?no_cache=1

If you are interested and already have some experience in some of these 
areas, please send us your CV, a statement of your current research 
interest and a list of your publications. For further information, 
please contact me by email or phone (see below).

Prof. Dr. Guenther Palm
Director of the Institute of
Neural Information Processing
University of Ulm
89069 Ulm

phone: ++49 731 50 24150
fax:   ++49 731 50 24156
email: guenther.palm at uni-ulm.de
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