[Comp-neuro] joint experiment & theory postdoc position

Mark Goldman msgoldman at ucdavis.edu
Wed Mar 18 00:55:12 CET 2015

      A postdoctoral position that combines experimental & theoretical 
investigation of neural networks (see position description below) is 
available jointly between the laboratories of Drs. Mark Goldman and Kim 
McAllister at the University of California at Davis.  UC Davis is a 
top-ten public research university (US News & World Report) located 1 
hour east from the San Francisco Bay Area and 20 minutes from the state 
capital of Sacramento. Candidates are expected to have training in both 
performing experiments and background in an analytically rigorous 
discipline such as computational neuroscience, physics, mathematics, 
computer science, or engineering.
Interested candidates should send a CV, brief statement of previous 
research and future research interests, and contact information for 
three references to: Mark Goldman, msgoldman at ucdavis.edu and Kim 
McAllister, kmcallister at ucdavis.edu.
Development, dynamics, and plasticity of neural networks: *We are 
seeking to understand the learning rules underlying development and 
learning in neural networks.  We will use cutting-edge technology in 
patterned substrates, optogenetics, and uncaging in a novel long-term 
imaging assay for synapse dynamics that allows recording and single 
synapse or single cell manipulation of neuronal and network activity.  
These cultured networks will be used to directly test central tenets of 
Hebbian, spike-timing dependent, and homeostatic learning.  The 
applicant will perform these imaging experiments as well as apply 
theoretical models to better understand and predict experimental findings.
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