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Dr Amir Hussain ahu at cs.stir.ac.uk
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Dear Colleagues: (with advance apologies for any cross-postings)

We are delighted to announce the publication of Volume 7, No.1 / Feb 2015
Issue, of Springer's Cognitive Computation journal - www.springer.com/12559

Important News: Increased Impact Factor & Six bi-monthly Journal Issues
from 2015!

As you will know, Cognitive Computation was selected for coverage in
Thomson Reuter’s products and services in 2011. Beginning with V.1 (1)
2009, this publication is now indexed and abstracted in: ♦ Science Citation
Index Expanded (also known as SciSearch®) ♦ Journal Citation
Reports/Science Edition ♦ Current Contents®/Engineering Computing and
Technology ♦ Neuroscience Citation Index®

Cognitive Computation received its first Impact Factor (IF) of 1.0 in 2011.

The IF for 2013/2014 increased to 1.1 (with a first 5 year IF of 1.387)
(Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® 2013)
Many congratulations to the editors, reviewers and authors of this exciting
young journal!

Want to be part of the growing success? Visit the journal homepage (
http://springer.com/12559) for instructions on submitting your research.

Quarterly to Bi-monthly Issues, from 2015!!

Due to continuously growing number of high quality submissions, the number
of Issues has increased from four (quarterly Issues) to six (bi-monthly
Issues) each year, starting Feb 2015!

The first six papers of the February 2015 Issue comprise a Special Issue on
"Neural Signal Processing", Guest Edited by: Jordi Sole´-Casals,
Francois-Benoit Vialatte, Justin Dauwels. The Guest Editorial titled:
"Alternative Techniques of Neural Signal Processing in Neuroengineering" is
available (for free download) here:

The 6 Special Issue papers are followed by 8 regular papers. The full
listing of 14 published articles (Table of Contents) for this inaugural
2015 Issue can be viewed here (and also at the end of this message,
followed by an overview of the previous Issues/Archive listings):

You may also be interested in the last Special Issue of 2014 (Vol. 6, No.4
/ Dec 2014) on "Modeling emotion, behaviour and context in socially
believable robots and ICT interfaces", Guest Edited by: Anna Esposito,
Leopoldina Fortunati, and Giuseppe Lugano. The Guest Editorial is available
(for free download) here:
http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12559-014-9309-5 and the full
listing of 24 articles can be found here:
<http://link.springer.com/journal/12559/6/2/page/1> This exciting Special
Issue was the outcome of a strategic trans-disciplinary Workshop organized
by EU COST (http://www.cost.eu/), on ‘‘The future concept and reality of
social robotics: challenges, perception and applications. Role of social
robotics in current and future society,’’ held in Brussels (Belgium).

A list of the journal's most downloaded articles (which can always be read
for FREE) can be found here:

Other 'Online First' published articles not yet in a print issue can be
viewed here:

All previous Volumes and Issues of the journal can be viewed here:

Reminder: Cognitive Computation "LinkedIn" Group:
To further strengthen the bonds amongst the interdisciplinary audience of
Cognitive Computation, we have set-up a "Cognitive Computation LinkedIn
group", which has nearly 800 members already! We warmly invite you to join
us at: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3155048

For further information on the journal and to sign up for electronic "Table
of Contents alerts" please visit the Cognitive Computation homepage:
http://www.springer.com/12559 or follow us on Twitter at:
http://twitter.com/CognComput  for the latest On-line First Issues.

For any questions with regards to LinkedIn and/or Twitter, please contact
Springer's Publishing Editor: Marleen Moore: Marleen.Moore at springer.com

Finally, we would like to invite you to submit short or regular papers
describing original research or timely review of important areas - our aim
is to peer review all papers within approximately six-eight weeks of

We also welcome relevant high quality proposals for Special Issues - four
are already planned for 2015-16 (for CFPs, see:

With our very best wishes to all aspiring readers and authors of Cognitive

Professor Amir Hussain, PhD (Editor-in-Chief: Cognitive Computation)
E-mail: ahu at cs.stir.ac.uk (University of Stirling, Scotland, UK)

Professor Igor Aleksander, PhD (Honorary Editor-in-Chief: Cognitive
Computation) (Imperial College, London, UK)

Also consider your work for related Book Series:
SpringerBriefs on Cognitive Computation:

NEW: Springer Series on Socio-Affective Computing:


­­­­­­­­­­­Table of Contents Alert -- Cognitive Computation Vol 7 No 1, Feb


Special Issue on "Neural Signal Processing"
Issue Editors: Jordi Sole´-Casals, Francois-Benoit Vialatte, Justin Dauwels


Alternative Techniques of Neural Signal Processing in Neuroengineering
Jordi Solé-Casals , François-Benoît Vialatte and Justin Dauwels

Multivariate Synchronization Analysis of Brain Electroencephalography
Signals: A Review of Two Methods
Mahdi Jalili

EEG Correlates of Voice and Face Emotional Judgments in the Human Brain
K. Hiyoshi-Taniguchi, M. Kawasaki, T. Yokota, H. Bakardjian, H. Fukuyama,
A. Cichocki and F. B. Vialatte

Biologically Motivated Model for Outdoor Scene Classification
Jingjing Zhao, Chun Du, Hao Sun, Xingtong Liu, Jixiang Sun

Brain Evoked Potential Latencies Optimization for Spatial Auditory
Brain–Computer Interface
Zhenyu Cai, Shoji Makino, Tomasz M. Rutkowski

On Automatic Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Spontaneous Speech
Analysis and Emotional Temperature
K. López-de-Ipiña, J. B. Alonso, J. Solé-Casals, N. Barroso, P. Henriquez,
M. Faundez-Zanuy, C. M. Travieso, M. Ecay-Torres, P. Martínez-Lage, H.

Embedded Implementation of Second-Order Blind Identification (SOBI) for
Real-Time Applications in Neuroscience
Xun Zhang, François-Benoît Vialatte, Chen Chen, Apurva Rathi, Gérard
Dreyfus http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12559-014-9282-z

-------REGULAR PAPERS------------------------

Model of the Reticular Formation of the Brainstem Based on Glial–Neuronal
Bernhard J. Mitterauer

A Kernel Clustering-Based Possibilistic Fuzzy Extreme Learning Machine for
Class Imbalance Learning
Shi-Xiong Xia, Fan-Rong Meng, Bing Liu, Yong Zhou

Improved Jacobian Eigen-Analysis Scheme for Accelerating Learning in
Feedforward Neural Networks
N. Ampazis, S. J. Perantonis, D. Drivaliaris

A Cognitive Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machines for Steganalysis Based on
Risk-Sensitive Hinge Loss Function
Vasily Sachnev, Savitha Ramasamy,Suresh Sundaram, Hyoung Joong Kim, Hee
Joon Hwang

Agent-Based Modeling of Emotion Contagion in Groups
Tibor Bosse, Rob Duell, Zulfiqar A. Memon, Jan Treur, C. Natalie van der Wal

Robust and Sparse Linear Programming Twin Support Vector Machines
M. Tanveer

Classification of Uncertain Data Streams Based on Extreme Learning Machine
Keyan Cao, Guoren Wang, Donghong Han, Jingwei Ning, Xin Zhang

A Cognitively Inspired Approach to Two-Way Cluster Extraction from One-Way
Clustered Data
Ahsan Abdullah, Amir Hussain

Previous Issues/Archive: Overview:

All previous Volumes and Issues can be viewed here:

Alternatively, the full listing of the Inaugural Vol. 1, No. 1 / March
2009, can be viewed here (which included invited authoritative reviews
by leading researchers in their areas - including keynote papers from
London University's John Taylor, Igor Aleksander and Stanford
University's James McClelland, and invited papers from Ron Sun, Pentti
Haikonen, Geoff Underwood, Kevin Gurney, Claudius Gross, Anil Seth and
Tom Ziemke):

The full listing of Vol. 1, No. 2 / June 2009, can be viewed here
(which included invited reviews and original research contributions
from leading researchers, including Rodney Douglas, Giacomo Indiveri,
Jurgen Schmidhuber, Thomas Wennekers, Pentti Kanerva and Friedemann

The full listing of Vol.1, No. 3 / Sep 2009, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 1, No. 4 / Dec 2009, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol.2, No. 1 / March 2010, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol.2, No. 2 / June 2010, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol.2, No. 3 / Aug 2010, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol.2, No. 4 / Dec 2010, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol.3, No.1 / Mar 2011 (Special Issue on:
Saliency, Attention, Active Visual Search and Picture Scanning, edited
by John Taylor and Vassilis Cutsuridis), can be viewed here:
The Guest Editorial can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol.3, No.2 / June 2011 can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 3, No. 3 / Sep 2011 (Special Issue on:
Cognitive Behavioural Systems, Guest Edited by: Anna Esposito,
Alessandro Vinciarelli, Simon Haykin, Amir Hussain and Marcos
Faundez-Zanuy), can be viewed here:
The Guest Editorial for the special issue can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 3, No. 4 / Dec 2011 can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 4, No.1 / Mar 2012 can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 4, No.2 / June 2012 can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 4, No.3 / Sep 2012 (Special Issue on:
Computational Creativity, Intelligence and Autonomy, Edited by: J.
Mark Bishop and Yasemin J. Erden) can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 4, No.4 / Dec 2012 (Special Issue titled:
"Cognitive & Emotional Information Processing", Edited by: Stefano
Squartini, Björn Schuller and Amir Hussain, which is followed by a
number of regular papers), can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 5, No.1 / March 2013  Special Issue titled:
Computational Intelligence and Applications Guest Editors: Zhigang
Zeng & Haibo He, which is followed by a number of regular papers), can
be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 5, No.2 / June 2013  Special Issue titled:
Advances on Brain Inspired Computing, Guest Editors: Stefano
Squartini, Sanqing Hu & Qingshan Liu, which is followed by a number of
regular papers), can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 5, No.3 / Sep 2013 Special Issue titled: In
Memory of John G Taylor: A Polymath Scholar, Guest Editors: Vassilis
Cutsuridis & Amir Hussain, which is followed by a number of regular
papers), can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 5, No.4 / Dec 2013, which includes regular
papers (including an invited paper by Professor Ron Sun, Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute, USA, titled: Moral Judgment, Human Motivation,
and Neural Networks), and a Special Issue titled: Advanced Cognitive
Systems Based on Nonlinear Analysis. Guest Editors: Carlos M. Travieso
and Jesús B. Alonso, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 6, No.1 / Mar 2014, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 6, No.2 / June 2014, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 6, No.3 / Sep 2014, can be viewed here:

The full listing of Vol. 6, No.4 / Dec 2014 (Special Issue on Modeling
emotion, behaviour and context in socially believable robots and ICT
interfaces, Guest Editors: Anna Esposito, Leopoldina Fortunati, and
Giuseppe Lugano) can be viewed here:

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