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HEALTHMINING 2015 - The ICDM Workshop on Data Mining and Decision 
Analytics on Public Health and Wellness (URL: 

In conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining 
(ICDM 2015)


For many years, data mining and decision analytics techniques have 
already been extensively applied to various domains, such as smart 
environments, social networks, marketing, and web technology. The focus 
of this workshop is mainly on the issues and challenges of data mining 
techniques with the purpose of improving human well-being and quality of 
life. It is expected that the workshop may increase the diversity of 
application areas that can benefit from data mining. At the same time, 
it is also desirable that the discussion and vision of this workshop 
would also offer further insights into, as well as new tools for, the 
issues of data collection, processing, system modeling, simulation and 
optimization arising from various public health topics. The objective of 
this workshop is to serve as a venue for researchers to discuss how data 
mining and analytics methods can contribute to improving public health 
quality in clinical, medical/biomedical, and healthcare systems in smart 
ways, including evidence-based medicine, personalized treatment and 
healthcare, assistive technology and active surveillance and control of 
diseases. In addition to mining statistical regularities, associations, 
or causalities from large-scale health-related datasets, it would be 
desirable to further investigate how the results can effectively and 
efficiently support decision-making, system modeling, optimization, and 
simulation in various healthcare systems.


- Large-scale data acquisition and management issues for public health
- Social and other network-based analysis for public health
- Medical big data mining and innovative applications
- Mining risk patterns in medical data
- Mental and physical health data integration
- Biomarker discovery and biomedical data mining
- Clinical data mining for practice knowledge building
- Data mining from clinical decision-making, and practitioner 
- Data mining from genetic data of diseases
- Data mining for disease profiling and personalized treatment
- Data mining for (active) syndromic surveillance
- Data mining for infectious/chronic disease epidemiology and control
- Data mining for exploring hidden patterns in clinical systems
- Data mining for medical/biomedical, and healthcare systems
- Data mining for assistive environments
- Data modeling and information management for pervasive assistive 
- Data mining and knowledge modeling for wellness
- Spatiotemporal data exploration and mining of diseases
- Unstructured data mining in medicine and healthcare
- Semantic data mining in medicine and healthcare
- Scalable data integration in medicine and healthcare
- Evidence-based decision-support systems
- Healthcare knowledge abstraction, classification, and summarization
- Healthcare knowledge computerization, execution, inference, and 


Selected papers of the workshop will be invited for revision to be 
included in a special issue to be published in Health Information 
Science and Systems (URL: http://www.hissjournal.com/)


- Paper Submission Due: Jul 20, 2015
- Paper Notification Date: Sep 1, 2015
- Workshop Date: Nov 13, 2015


- William K. Cheung, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
- Jiming Liu, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
- Parisa Rashidi, University of Florida, USA
- Fei Wang, University of Connecticut, USA

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