[Comp-neuro] Job: Post-doctoral Scientist - Investigating the Feasibility of Controlling Hearing-aid Directionality Using In-Ear Electrodes to Measure Eye Position.

Bernd Porr mail at berndporr.me.uk
Thu Jun 25 13:18:51 CEST 2015

Dear all,

this is something for somebody who has a strong background in signal 
processing / biomed signal processing.

If interested please contact Owen Brimijoin <owen at ihr.gla.ac.uk>.

/Bernd Porr

Salary: £27,084 – 29,567
Grade: MRC - 4a
Contract Type: Fixed Term, 24 months
Hours: Full Time
Closing Date:31 July 2015
Interview Date: 26 August 2015

The successful applicant will be based at the MRC/CSO Institute of 
Hearing Research (IHR) in Glasgow within the Auditory Disability and 
Impairment group headed by Dr William Whitmer. The successful applicant 
will join a small group of researchers but will work most closely with 
Drs Owen Brimijoin (IHR), Bernd Porr (Glasgow Uni), and Graham Naylor 
(Oticon) on a project investigating the feasibility of using in-ear 
measurements of eye position to guide hearing aid directionality. The 
project will use electrooculograms (EOG), optical eye and head tracking, 
digital signal processing, microphone arrays, as well as our extensive 
audiological and auditory testing facilities.

Your work will consist of writing signal-processing algorithms to 
combine the output of an EOG amplifier, gyroscopes, and other 
extra-cochlear signals to yield a reliable measure of eye position that 
can be used to aim the directional beam of an experimental hearing aid. 
The work will continue with implementing these algorithms in Matlab 
and/or C, designing experiments to test benefit, statistical analysis of 
results, and delivery of these results for dissemination (conference 
abstracts and presentations, invited lectures and seminars, and 
published manuscripts in specialized and generic journals).
+44 (0)7840 340069

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