[Comp-neuro] Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Best Illusion of the Year Contest!

Susana Martinez-Conde smart at neuralcorrelate.com
Fri Jun 19 17:18:02 CEST 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 11th annual Best Illusion of the Year
Contest <http://illusionoftheyear.com/> !


Online voters around the world chose the best illusions of the year from
Thursday, June 11th 7pm EST to Friday, June 12th 7PM EST. 


First Place and an award of $3,000 USD went to "Splitting Colors
<http://illusionoftheyear.com/2015/splitting-colors/> ," a color illusion by
Mark Vergeer from KU Leuven, Belgium.


Second Place and an award of $2,000 USD went to "Ambiguous Garage Roof
<http://illusionoftheyear.com/2015/ambiguous-garage-roof/> ," a perspective
illusion by Kokichi Sugihara from Meiji University, Japan.


Third Place and an award of $1,000 USD went to "The Day it Rained on Lowry
<http://illusionoftheyear.com/2015/the-day-it-rained-on-lowry/> ," a motion
illusion by Michael Pickard from VisuallyDirectedDesign.com in the UK.


Enjoy the winning illusions and all Top 10 Finalists
<http://illusionoftheyear.com/cat/top-10-finalists/2015/>  at


Illusion submissions
are now accepted for the 12th edition of the Best Illusion of the Year
Contest, to be held in 2016.



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