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We are inviting applications for two postdoctoral positions at the Pattern Research Group which is affiliated with the MTA Wigner ResearchCentre for Physics (Budapest, Hungary) and MTA Institute for Experimental Medicine and is sponsored by a prestigious National Brain Research Program grant. The primary focus of the research group is the characterization of activity patterns of large-scale neural populations in the hippocampus and the understanding of the computational principles underlying its dynamically changing states. 

The unparalleled performance of the nervous system is due to the fast and parallel processing of information that is achieved by the coherent activity of networks of neurons. Recent advancements in recording techniques provides access to high temporal resolution data from hundreds of identified neurons during task performance of animals. Understanding the organizational principles underlying the high-dimensional activity patterns has become a fundamental challenge of neurobiology. We are seeking highly motivated candidates for one post in computational/theoretical neuroscience and one in electrophysiology to work on a project that is based on a strong collaboration between neurophysiology and theoretical neuroscience. Details of the two posts can be found below.

Postdoctoral fellow in theoretical/computational neuroscience

The ideal candidate has a strong mathematical background, preferably with a PhD in physics, computer science, or mathematics or other quantitative disciplines. Besides mathematical skills, the position requires competence in programming (e.g. matlab, R, python, or C++). Candidates with training or research experience in statistics, machine learning, computational modelling, dynamical systems are especially encouraged to apply. Training in neuroscience is not required but the applicant has to demonstrate his/her willingness to acquire the necessary background for the project. High dimensional neuronal data is recorded by the experimental part of the group  (Attila Gulyas, Institute for Experimental Medicine) but the candidate will have the opportunity get experience with cutting-edge neuronal recording techniques to design of novel experiments based on the analysis of the recorded data. The successful applicant will be co-supervised by Gergő Orbán and András Telcs. 

Postdoctoral fellow or PhD student  in hippocampal electrophysiology

The ideal candidate has a strong background in in vitro or in vivo electrophysiology or optical imaging to take part of this challenge and to work on a project that is based on a strong collaboration between neurophysiology and theoretical neuroscience. The primary task of the candidate will be to set up the equipment and to monitor the activity of large (>100) populations of hippocampal neurons in vitro, and later in head-restrained mice using optical imaging techniques and genetically expressed Ca2+ indicators.  Preprocessing and to a given depth the analysis of the rough data also expected.  The high-level analysis of the recorded data is performed by the theoretical part of the group (led by András Telcs and Gergő Orbán, MTA Wigner Centre for Physics) but basic knowledge of statistics is essential and previous experience with signal processing or programming (Igor, Python, Matlab or similar language) is advantageous and contribution to that part of the project is expected, based on the load of the experimental part. The applicant will  be supervised by Attila Gulyás. 

The expected starting date of the position is 1 September 2015 but the start date of the position is negotiable. Initial appointment is made for one year but can be extended to three years upon successful evaluation. The work is based in the PATTERN lab at the MTA Wigner Institute (Budapest, Hungary) but requires regular interactions with the experimental partners at the Institute for Experimental Medicine (Budapest).

For further information please visit the project website, http://pattern.wigner.mta.hu <http://pattern.wigner.mta.hu/>. 

For informal inquiries please contact Gergo Orban (orban.gergo at wigner.mta.hu <mailto:orban.gergo at wigner.mta.hu>) or Andras Telcs (telcs.szit.bme at gmail.com <mailto:telcs.szit.bme at gmail.com>).

Please send applications, including CV, a research statement and contact information of two references by email to András Telcs before 30 June.

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