[Comp-neuro] NEURON course and NSG Workshop at SFN 2015 meeting

Ted Carnevale ted.carnevale at yale.edu
Mon Jul 13 20:08:44 CEST 2015

Two events of particular interest to computational neuroscientists
will be presented as satellite sessions to the 2015 SFN meeting in

Using NEURON to Model Cells and Networks
Friday, Oct. 16 from 9 AM to 5 PM
at a site in downtown Chicago

This course provides a practical introduction to building and using
models of neurons and networks with NEURON. Covered topics include
basic concepts, workflow for building and using models, speeding up
simulations with parallel hardware from multicore personal computers
to massively parallel supercomputers, using Python with NEURON, and
modeling reactive diffusion with the RxD class.

Using the Neuroscience Gateway Portal for Parallel Simulation
Saturday, Oct. 17 from 9 AM to noon
at a site in downtown Chicago

This workshop combines didactic presentations with hands on instruction
on how to use the Neuroscience Gateway Portal (NSG) for parallel
simulations.  NSG eliminates most adminstrative and technical barriers
to using high performance computing resources--it even gives away free
CPU time.  Simulators that are currently installed on NSG include NEST,
PyNN, Brian, GENESIS3, NEURON, and MOOSE.  Also available is FreeSurfer,
a set of tools for analysis and visualization of structural and
functional brain imaging data.

Friday, Oct. 2, is the registration deadline for both of these events, 
but you should sign up early because space is limited. See 
https://www.neuron.yale.edu/neuron/courses for more information and 
links to registration forms.


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