[Comp-neuro] Event-Driven Retina IC Designer Position

bernabe bernabe at imse-cnm.csic.es
Mon Jul 6 09:31:10 CEST 2015

Apologies for Cross-Posting

The Sevilla Microelectronics Institute (www.imse-cnm.csic.es), from
the Spanish Research Council (www.csic.es) is seeking a post-doc
(or highly experienced researcher) with strong analog IC design experience,
preferably in vision sensors (but not mandatory). The work to
be carried out will be in collaboration with French company Chronocam
(http://www.chronocam.com) with the goal of developing new
generations of Event-Driven Dynamic Vision Sensors.
Salary is negotiable depending on experience and qualifications.
Contract is for one year, extensible to two. Later on, if progress is
satisfactory, the contract could be extended further or the candidate
could be incorporated into Chronocam's staff.
Interested candidates please contact directly bernabe at imse-cnm.csic.es.

Bernabe Linares-Barranco, PhD, IEEE Fellow
Full Professor (Profesor de Investigacion) CSIC
Instituto Microelectronica Sevilla (IMSE)        Phone: 34-954-466643/66
National Microelectronics Center, CNM-CSIC            Fax: 34-954-466600
Av. Americo Vespucio s/n     E-mail: Bernabe.Linares(AT)imse-cnm.csic.es
41092 Sevilla, SPAIN           URL: http://www.imse-cnm.csic.es/~bernabe

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