[Comp-neuro] New book: Analysis and modeling of multi-neuronal activity

Tatsuno, Masami tatsuno at uleth.ca
Thu Jan 29 19:24:22 CET 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

Some of you might be interested in our recent book, Analysis and Modeling of Coordinated Multi-neuronal Activity (Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience, Vol. 12).  The book covers

- State-of-the-art introduction of multi-electrode recordings and how they contribute to the understanding of hippocampal memory
- Overview of the modeling approach to hippocampal memory
- Presentation of hippocampal local circuits and hippocampal-cortical interactions


Best regards,

Masami Tatsuno (Editor)
University of Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Table of Contents

1. Techniques for Large-Scale Multiunit Recording; H. Steenland and B. McNaughton

2. Silicon Probe Techniques for Large-Scale Multiunit Recording; H. Steenland and B. McNaughton

3. Overview of Neural Activity in the Awake and Sleeping Hippocampus; M. Eckert and M. Tatsuno

4. Associative Reactivation of Place-Reward Information in the Hippocampal-Ventral Striatal Circuitry; C. Lansink and C. Pennartz

5. Hippocampal Sequences and the Cognitive Map; A. Wikenheiser and D. Redish

6. Reorganization of Hippocampal Place- Selective Patterns During Goal-Directed Learning and Their Reactivation During Sleep; D. Dupret and J. Csicsvari

7. Causal Relationship Between SPWRs and Spatial Learning and Memory; G. Girardeau and M. Zugaro

8. Packets of Sequential Neural Activity in Sensory Cortex; A. Luczak

9. Coordinated Sequence Replays Between the Visual Cortex and Hippocampus; D. Haggerty and D. Ji

10. Memory Consolidation, Replay, and Cortico- Hippocampal Interactions; E. Holleman and F. Battaglia

11. Memory Reactivation in Humans; J. Farthouat and P. Peigneux

12. Models and Theoretical Frameworks for Hippocampal and Entorhinal Cortex Function in Memory and Navigation; N. Schultheiss, J. Hinman, and M. Hasselmo

13. Information Encoding and Reconstruction by Phase Coding of Spikes; Z. Nadasdy

14. Reinforcement Learning and Hippocampal Dynamics; A. Johnson and S. Venditto

15. Off-Line Replay and Hippocampal- Neocortical Interaction; S. Káli

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