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Michael Tangermann ms at we-are.de
Thu Jan 29 08:26:43 CET 2015

Dear colleagues,

I have an interesting open PhD position in my lab in Freiburg. Would you please 
circulate it in your labs and on email lists?

Thanks a lot and snowy greetings from the Black Forrest,

--- snip ---

PhD Position: Brain-Computer Interfaces in Cognitive Rehabilitation after Stroke

BrainStateDecoding Lab of Dr. Michael Tangermann (Computer Science Dept.); 
payment level: TV-L E13 (65%); duration: 3/2015-2/2017

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems make use of machine learning methods to 
cope with the challenges which appear during the decoding of individual brain 
signals in real-time. Within the BrainLinks-BrainTools cluster of excellence at 
the University of Freiburg (Germany), we evaluate whether BCI methods can be 
applied clinically outside of classical control paradigms.

The PhD student will explore the use of BCI methods to support neurological 
rehabilitation training of speech and attention-related deficits after stroke. 
Scientific challenges comprise the development and investigation of brain signal 
analysis methods capable to describe rapid fluctuations of brain states and to 
assess the dynamics of network structures connecting brain areas.

Working Areas (among others):
* Theories (statistics, mathematics) and algorithms in the field of machine 
learning, with special emphasis on adaptive methods for the real-time decoding 
of mental states; software implementations thereof.
* Conducting EEG studies with healthy controls and stroke patients.
* Analysis of EEG experiments.
* Supervision of Bachelor students.
* Scientific dissemination of results (conferences, publications).

* Excellent Master studies on Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical 
Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Cognitive Science or closely related fields.
* Knowledge in theory and methods of machine learning / artificial intelligence; 
very good math knowledge (specifically in probability theory, statistics, linear 
* Good knowledge about the design, the analysis and implementation of 
algorithms; experience with mathematical software (e.g. Matlab).
* Hands-on experience in the design, execution and analysis of 
electrophysiological experiments, and in signal processing of EEG-, EMG-, EOG- 
or ECoG data.
* Excellent communication skills in English

The BrainStateDecoding Lab:
The international lab is embedded into the Cluster of Excellence 
BrainLinks-BrainTools at the University of Freiburg. The cluster provides 
supporting career actions for PhD students. Tight collaborations with other BLBT 
groups are the basis for investigating novel machine learning approaches for the 
real-time analysis of brain signals. The activities range from theory 
development to BCI applications in a clinical context and for healthy users. 
Implementing an equal-chances policy and family-friendly working conditions, we 
explicitly encourage applications of female researchers. Handicapped applicants 
will be given priority to non-handicapped applicants, if they have comparable 
qualifications. Further information: www.bsdlab.uni-freiburg.de, 
www.brainlinks-braintools.uni-freiburg.de and via Dr. Tangermann.

How to apply:
Please state the position code BCI-4 when sending your application documents 
(including a CV, statement of your research interests, list of publications, 
references, Master and Bachelor degrees and course lists) as a single PDF 
document via email to Dr. Michael Tangermann 
(michael.tangermann at blbt.uni-freiburg.de).

Dr. Michael Tangermann

Phone: +49.(0)761.2038423
Fax  : +49.(0)761.2038417

University of Freiburg
BrainLinks-BrainTools Excellence Cluster
Brain State Decoding Lab

Albertstr. 23, Room 0.003
79104 Freiburg, Germany


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