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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention  to our research topic “Closed-loop
systems for next-generation neuroprostheses” in Frontiers in


Abstract deadline: 28th February 2015

Manuscript deadline:  30th September 2015

The topic description follows below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

Best regards,

Paolo Bonifazi - on behalf of the Topic Editors *Timothée Levi, **Michela
Chiappalone and **Paolo Massobrio*

*Millions of people worldwide are affected by neurological disorders which
disrupt connections within the brain and between brain and body causing
impairments of primary functions and paralysis. Such a number is likely to
increase in the next years and current assistive technology is limited. The
response to such disabilities, offered by the neuroscience community, is
given by Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) and Neuroprostheses. *

*Such a field of research is highly multidisciplinary, since it involves
very different and disperse scientific communities, making it fundamental
to create connections and to join research efforts. Indeed, to design
neuroprosthetic devices, six main research topics are involved: interfacing
of neural systems at different levels of architectural complexity (from in
vitro neuronal ensembles up to the human brain), bio-artificial interfaces
for stimulation and recording, innovative signal processing tools for
coding and decoding of neural activity, biomimetic artificial neural
networks and neural network modeling. In order to develop functional
communication with the nervous system and create a new generation of
neuroprostheses, studying closed-loop systems is mandatory. The
bi-directional communication between living neurons and artificial devices
is the main final goal of those studies. However, closed-loop systems are
still rare in the literature, mostly due to the required multidisciplinary
effort. Therefore through this research topic, we intend to encourage an
active discussion among neurobiologists, electrophysiologists,
bioengineers, computational neuroscientists and neuromorphic engineers. *

*The overall goal of this research topic is to present the results and
stimulate/promote the discussion about the design of a novel generation of
neuroprostheses aimed at recovering impaired/damaged neural networks. In
this Research Topic, we welcome submissions highlighting the latest results
in neuroprosthetics but also covering the six major topics introduced
above. Review articles about closed-loop systems and neuroprostheses are
strongly encouraged. Indeed, the intrinsic multidisciplinary nature of the
proposed topic, from which we expect to receive contributions from
different specialists, will help the scientific community to converge to
new ideas and solutions to treat invalidating neuronal disabilities.*


Paolo Bonifazi, PhD

Italy-Israel Initiative on Integrative Network Neuroscience

P.I. of the BRAINBOW project - http://www.brainbowproject.eu

School of Physics and Astronomy

Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel
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