[Comp-neuro] summer undergrad program in computational neuroscience

Dave Touretzky dst at cs.cmu.edu
Sat Jan 10 09:05:17 CET 2015

	Carnegie Mellon - University of Pittsburgh Joint Summer
	  Undergraduate Program in Computational Neuroscience

Undergraduates interested in receiving research training in
computational neuroscience are encouraged to apply to an NIH-sponsored
summer program at the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition in

The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition is a joint
interdisciplinary program of Carnegie Mellon University and the
University of Pittsburgh. The 2015 program will most likely run from May
26 through July 31, 2015 (pending confirmation on dormitory
availability). The final deadline for application is Feb 16, 2015. All
participants must be United States citizens or permanent residents, must
be enrolled at a 4-year accredited institution, and must be in their
sophomore or junior year at the time of application. Any undergraduate
may apply, but we are especially interested in attracting students with
strong quantitative backgrounds with some experience in calculus,
statistics and/or computer programming. Experience in neuroscience is
not required. Students from groups underrepresented in the sciences are
encouraged to apply.

The core of the program is the opportunity to carry out an individual
mentored research project working closely with a faculty mentor. Other
aspects of the scientific program include: 12 faculty lectures on
computational neuroscience at the beginning, followed by student
presentations and discussion of articles from the scientific literature,
presentations on career options and scientific ethics, and a concluding
symposium in which students present their research.

Application form is available at:

Application can be returned via email or regular mail (see addresses below).

In addition to the application, the following items are required for

    * A brief (one page) essay about your interest and experience in
      neural computation.

    * Official transcript from the institution you are attending

    * Two letters from professional references. You should contact your
      recommenders and ask them to mail or email a letter directly to us.

    * SAT/ACT scores (do NOT have to be official; photocopies are acceptable)

Documents should be mailed to:
   Computational Neuroscience Summer Program
   Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
   Carnegie Mellon University
   4400 Fifth Avenue
   Suite 115
   Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2617
   CNBC-summer-UG at andrew.cmu.edu

Brief list of CMU-Pitt CNBC faculty working in computational neuroscience:
   John Anderson (Carnegie Mellon, Psychology)
   Aaron Batista (University of Pittsburgh, Bioengineering)
   Marlene Behrmann (Carnegie Mellon, Psychology)
   Marlene Cohen (University of Pittsburgh, Neuroscience)
   Carol Colby (University of Pittsburgh, Neuroscience)
   Steve Chase (Carnegie Mellon, ECE/Biomedical Engineering)
   Brent Doiron (University of Pittsburgh, Mathematics)
   William Eddy (Carnegie Mellon, Statistics)
   Bard Ermentrout (University of Pittsburgh, Mathematics)
   Julie Fiez (University of Pittsburgh, Psychology)
   Raj Gandhi (University of Pittsburgh, Department of Bioengineering)
   John Horn (University of Pittsburgh, Neurobiology)
   Robert Kass (Carnegie Mellon, Statistics)
   Charles Kemp (Carnegie Mellon, Psychology)
   Sandra Kuhlman (Carnegie Mellon, Biology)
   Tai Sing Lee (Carnegie Mellon, Computer Science)
   Tom Mitchell (Carnegie Mellon, Machine Learning)
   Carl Olson (Carnegie Mellon, Neural Basis of Cognition)
   Anne-Marie Oswald (University of Pittsburgh, Neuroscience)
   Monica Perez (University of Pittsburgh, Neurobiology & Rehabilitation)
   David Plaut (Carnegie Mellon, Psychology)
   Lynne Reder (Carnegie Mellon, Psychology)
   Erik Reichle (University of Pittsburgh, Psychology)
   Johnathan Rubin (University of Pittsburgh, Mathematics)
   Walt Schneider (University of Pittsburgh, Psychology)
   Andrew Schwartz (University of Pittsburgh, Bioengineering)
   Daniel Simons (University of Pittsburgh, Neurobiology)
   Matthew Smith (University of Pittsburgh,  Ophthalmology)
   Peter Strick (University of Pittsburgh, Psychiatry)
   Michael Tarr (Carnegie Mellon, Psychology)
   Dave Touretzky (Carnegie Mellon, Computer Science)
   Robert Turner (University of Pittsburgh, Neurobiology)
   Nathan Urban (Carnegie Mellon, Biology)
   Valerie Ventura (Carnegie Mellon, Statistics)
   Timothy Verstynen (Carnegie Mellon, Psychology)
   Douglas Weber (University of Pittsburgh, Physical medicine and Rehabilitation)
   Byron Yu (Carnegie Mellon, ECE/Biomedical Engineering)

A full list can be found at: http://www.cnbc.cmu.edu/

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