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Please, post this job opportunity.


Our group at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University Health
Network in Toronto is offering a full-time research position for 2 years to
work on the neurophysiological bases of hypnosis, starting around May 2015,
with a stipend of $40,000/year.

In this project we will investigate the neurophysical alterations that
accompany hypnotic stages and simple memory tasks using intracranial
electroencephalography (iEEG) in individuals undergoing standard clinical
assessment for their epilepsy. While several studies have advanced the view
that hypnosis results in the dissociation, or “disconnection”, between
frontal cortices and other brain areas, this evidence has been mainly
obtained with non-invasive recordings such as functional neuroimaging.
iEEG provides an exceptional opportunity to investigate with high spatial
and temporal resolution changes in activity associated with alterations in
cognitive states, thus overcoming typical problems that arise during source
reconstruction from non-invasive recordings.

The experimental procedures that the incumbent will carry out include the
preparation and coding of the tasks to be presented to patients during
control and mental imagery relaxation states. The incumbent will thus be
taught how to administer mental imagery relaxation techniques and
associated technicalities involved in such activities. Data analysis will
require experience with typical digital signal processing for brain
recordings such as power spectra and coherence, among others. Some scripts
are already available in MATLAB and FieldTrip for signal processing, and
the incumbent will have the chance, and would be encouraged to create
his/her own codes, with the assistance of the members of the team.

There are two *absolute requirements* for the incumbent: first, an
excellent knowledge of coding in MATLAB and willingness to implement
experimental tasks using Presentation, PsychoPy, or Psychtoolbox and,
second, the ability to learn how to put patients at ease and coach them
through the mental imagery relaxation technique that will be taught by one
of the members of our team who practices this in his clinic.

Specific knowledge of neurophysiology is not required but it will
facilitate the project. Nevertheless, the incumbent will have plenty of
opportunities to become familiar with neurophysiological techniques,
concepts and analysis. The combined expertise of our team, that includes
electrophysiological recordings, brain coordination dynamics and
psychology, plus the several activities in our institutions, offer an
excellent environment for a motivated student of the brain and behaviour.
We think that this is a very interesting and innovative project and thus we
are seeking a person who is not afraid of facing advanced brain recording
methods and analysis of the psychophysics of altered states of

Those interested should contact and submit a CV to Jose Luis Perez
Velazquez, jlpv at sickkids.ca, or jose-luis.perez-velazquez at sickkids.ca. A
couple of potential references may be added to the CV.
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