[Comp-neuro] Subject:SAMSI CCNS Computational Neuroscience Summer School:July 27-31, 2015

Zhu, Hongtu htzhu at email.unc.edu
Sat Feb 14 23:43:02 CET 2015

>Dear colleagues,
>It is my pleasure to announce the 2015 CCNS Summer School on Computational
>Neuroscience. This week-long program will be held on July 27-31,2015 as
>part of the 2015-16 program on Challenges in Computational Neuroscience
>(CCNS) at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute
>(SAMSI) in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.
>( http://www.samsi.info/CCNS )
>The school will include courses on five major research topics in
>computational neuroscience by the following instructors:
>* Neural Spike Train Analysis
>     Mark A. Kramer, Boston University
>     Uri Eden, Boston University
>* Compressed Sensing for Signal Processing
>     Justin Romberg, Georgia Tech
>* Functional Data Analysis for Medical Imaging Data
>     Hans-Georg Muller, University of California, Davis
>     Jane-Ling Wang, University of California, Davis
>* Big-biomedical Data Integration and Analysis
>     Jeffrey S. Morris, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas
>     Hongtu Zhu, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
>     Yu-Ping Wang, Tulane University
>* Shape Analysis and Diffeomorphisms for Medical Imaging Data
>     Laurent Younes, Johns Hopkins University
>The instructors will give an in-depth overview of each topic followed by
>problem/discussion sessions. Software packages will be introduced to
>students with datasets to carry out some simple data analysis. This summer
>school is targeted for graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty
>from neuroscience, biomedical engineering, radiology, statistics,
>and applied mathematics. We may consider a limited number of applications
>from senior faculty.
>The application deadline is Monday, June 1, 2015
>For further information and to apply, see:
>    http://www.samsi.info/ccns-summer
>or email questions to CCNS at samsi.info

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