[Comp-neuro] Osnabrueck Computational Cognition Alliance Meeting (OCCAM 2015)

Frank Jäkel fjaekel at uos.de
Thu Feb 5 11:10:20 CET 2015

Dear Colleague,

we would like to invite you to register for the 5th 

Osnabrück Computational Cognition Alliance Meeting (OCCAM 2015)
"From Simple Neurons to Large-Scale Models of Cognition"
May 6-7, 2015.

List of invited speakers:

Nicolas Brunel
Gustavo Deco
Wolfgang Einhäuser
Virginia Flanagin
Sonja Grün
Marc-Oliver Gewaltig
Herbert Jäger
Gordon Pipa
Kai Vogeley

The workshop will take place in Osnabrück, Germany, and will be
hosted by the Institute of Cognitive Science (University of
Osnabrück). Details can be found below and on the following webpage:


The registration deadline is March 7, 2015 (first come first
served). The registration fee is 100,- Euros. This year the OCCAM
workshop is co-located with an INCF Short Course on the same topic

The OCCAM workshop series aims at understanding the principles of
information processing in the brain with a particular focus on 3
major topics:

1. Neural coding and representation in hierarchical systems
2. Self-organization in dynamical systems 
3. Mechanisms for probabilistic inference
There will also be a poster session where conference participants will
have the opportunity to present their work. The deadline for
submitting an abstract for a poster presentation is also March 7.
Best regards,

Frank Jäkel, Peter König, Gordon Pipa (Organizing committee)
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