[Comp-neuro] IJCNN 2015, final CFP: Papers are due on February 5th, 2015

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 IJCNN 2015 - International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
July 12-17, 2015, Killarney Convention Center, Killarney, Ireland

This is the final Call for Papers, which are due in 3 days : Thursday,
February 5th, 2015!!

IJCNN is the premier international conference in the area of neural network
theory, analysis, and applications. Co-sponsored by the International
Neural Network Society and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society,
over the last three decades this conference and its predecessors has hosted
[past, present, and future] leaders of neural network research. In an era
when neural networks are widely used and reported in many areas,
scientists, engineers, educators, and students from all over the world can
get the best overall view of neural networks, from neuroscience to advanced
control systems to cognition, at the IJCNN.

*Competitions are underway!*
A winning certificate and free registration will be provided to the winner
of each competition who attends IJCNN 2015. Remember to submit and related
papers (if that is your intent) through the regular IJCNN2015 paper
submission system. If you need any other information about the general
organisation of the competitions, please do not hesitate to contact : Abir
Hussain. IJCNN2015 Competition Chair. Liverpool John MooresU. UK

1) ChaLearn AutoML challenge
Here is your chance to realize the dream of many researchers in data
science: create the "perfect black box", i.e. a learning machine capable of
learning from examples without any human intervention. Until June we are
progressively introducing 30 classification and regression tasks, with
datasets pre-formatted in feature representations. Until February 14 you
can win 2 sets of prizes in the:
. Round 0 Tweakathon: result or code submission on well known sample
datasets (preparation phase)
. Round 1 AutoML: code submission on binary classification problems (novice
See the challenge website website for submissions, and for questions
contact : Isabelle Guyon ClopiNet. California. USA guyon at clopinet.com

2) Speech-Music discrimination algorithms in the context of unseen audio
Without making any assumptions with respect to the origin of the signals.
Although the Speech-Music classification problem is already almost two
decades old and several algorithms have been proposed over the years, there
still remains to answer the question whether the proposed solutions can
address audio streams from diverse sources or audio streams that suffer
from (mild) spectral and time-stretching distortions. Most published work
focuses on evaluating the respective methods on radio broadcasts over the
Internet or, in general, on non-reproducible audio streams. To enter the
competition, send an email to : Aggelos Pikrakis Uof Piraeus. Greece
pikrakis at unipi.gr

3) Predict pathological cases in pregnant women during labour using
cardiotography data.
The challenge is to detect with high accuracy when a child is genuinely
compromised before medical intervention is considered. For this
competition, participants will be given an open dataset containing 552
intrapartum recordings, which can be access online via physionet.org.
Contact : Paul Fergus. IJCNN2015 Competition on pathological pregnanacies.
Liverpool John MooresU. UK p.fergus at ljmu.ac.uk

4) Neural Network based Weather Prediction Competition
The importance of being able to accurately predict Weather cannot be
overstated; beyond predicting catastrophic events such as storms or
unusually severe spells of cold or heat, weather has a dramatic effect on a
population's day to day health and behaviour and a significant impact on
the economy. This competition involves the prediction of minimum maximum
Temperatures The Dataset covers historic daily values for the period
between 1st January 2007 and 30th September 2014, for the Oak Park Weather
Station, which is the closest weather station to the IJCNN2015 conference
. 20th April 2015: Brief description of the algorithm used and
generalisation results.
. 20th May 2015: Announcement of the competition results
Inquiries and submissions should be made through :
David Reid. Liverpool Hope University. UK, reidd at hope.ac.uk
Hissam Tawfik. IJCNN2015 Weather Competition. Liverpool Hope University. UK
tawfikh at hope.ac.uk

- Steve Furber, The ICL Professor of Computer Engineering at the School of
Computer Science at the University of Manchester "The SpiNNaker Project"
- Vincenzo Piuri, Professor in Computer Engineering at the University of
Milan, Italy "Computational Intelligence Technologies for 3D Surface
- Lee Giles, The David Reese Professor at the College of Information
Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University "Machine
Learning and Data Mining for Scholarly Big Data"
- Marios M. Polycarpou, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
"Fault Detection and Isolation in Uncertain Big-Data Environments"
- Barak Pearlmutter, Professor, Department of Computer Science, National
University of Ireland, Ireland "Critical Dynamics and Pathological
Phenomena in the Brain"
- Giacomo Rizzolati, Professor of Human Physiology at the University of
Parma, Italy "The double life of the motor system: Action production and
action understanding"

* Deadlines for Submission:
- Paper submission deadline:   February 05, 2015 (EXTENDED)
- Paper Decision notification: March 25, 2015
- Camera-ready submission:     April 25, 2015
- Conference:                  July 12-17, 2015

* Hotel Reservations:
The Killarney region is an extremely popular tourist destination, and rooms
that have been reserved for IJCNN 2015 will likely disappear as soon as the
contracted booking date has passed. For that reason we strongly recommend
that you book your hotel room by 01May2015! (see the IJCNN2015 home page
for our accommodations at the Gleneagle Hotel, the Brehon Hotel and the
River Apartments).

* IJCNN Killarney site video:
Marianne van Wagner, Executive Co-ordinator of the International Neural
Network Society (INNS), commissioned this delightful promotional video for
IJCNN2015, based on her own photographs : Killarney tour. It's well worth
looking at for the local Irish scenery, and for background information
about the conference. (You may have to download it if your internet
connection is slow.)

Keep working on your paper submissions, and submit your proposals for
Tutorials and Workshops SOON! Email any of the Chairs if you wish to
discuss your ideas for proposals.

IJCNN General Chair
De-Shuang Huang, Tongji University, China,
Director - Machine Learning and Systems Biology Laboratory

IJCNN Program Chair
Yoonsuck Choe, Texas A&M University
Director, Brain Networks Laboratory

Many thanks to our Sponsors and Contributors:
- International Neural Network Society
- IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
- Failte Ireland, National Tourism Development Authority.

Giacomo Boracchi, PhD
DEIB - Dipartimento di Elettronica,  Informazione e Bioingegneria
Politecnico di Milano
Via Ponzio, 34/5 20133 Milano, Italy.
Tel. +39 02 2399 3467

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