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Neural Computation - Volume 27, Number 9 - September 1, 2015

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Extracting Low-dimensional Latent Structure From Time Series 
in the Presence of Delays
Karthik C. Lakshmanan, Patrick T Sadtler, Elizabeth C Tyler-Kabara, 
Aaron P Batista, and Byron M. Yu


Is First-Order Vector Autoregressive Model Optimal for fMRI Data?
Chee-Ming Ting, Abd-Krim Seghouane, Muhammad Usman Khalid, 
and Sh-Hussain Salleh


A Novel Reconstruction Framework for Time Encoded Signals 
with Integrate-and-fire Neurons
Dorian Florescu, Daniel Coca

Online Direct Density-Ratio Estimation Applied to 
Inlier-based Outlier Detection
Marthinus Christoffel du Plessis, Hiroaki Shiino, and Masashi Sugiyama

Relations Among Some Low Rank Subspace Recovery Models
Hongyang Zhang, Zhouchen Lin, Chao Zhang, and Junbin Gao

A Fast Algorithm for Learning Overcomplete Dictionary for 
Sparse Representation Based on Proximal Operators
Zhenni Li, Shuxue Ding, and Yujie Li

Fusion of Scores in a Detection Context Based on Alpha Integration
Antonio Soriano, Luis Vergara, Bouziane Ahmed, and Addisson Salazar


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