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Dear all,

The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience publishes research articles on the mathematical modeling and analysis of all areas of neuroscience.  The current list of journal articles is available at http://www.mathematical-neuroscience.com/ :

A Mathematical Model of a Midbrain Dopamine Neuron Identifies Two Slow Variables Likely Responsible for Bursts Evoked by SK Channel Antagonists and Terminated by Depolarization Block
Yu N and Canavier CC

Path Integral Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations
Chow CC and Buice MA

A Formalism for Evaluating Analytically the Cross-Correlation Structure of a Firing-Rate Network Model
Fasoli D, Faugeras O and Panzeri S

Modeling Focal Epileptic Activity in the Wilson–Cowan Model with Depolarization Block
Meijer HGE, Eissa TL, Kiewiet B, Neuman JF, Schevon CA, Emerson RG, Goodman RR, McKhann GM et al.

Noise-Induced Precursors of State Transitions in the Stochastic Wilson–Cowan Model
Negahbani E, Steyn-Ross DA, Steyn-Ross ML, Wilson MT and Sleigh JW

and see also the recent Special Issue on Uncertainty and the Brain

All articles are Open Access.

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