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Neural Computation - Volume 27, Number 5 - May 1, 2015

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Self-Organization of Control Circuits for Invariant Fiber Projections
Tomas Fernandes, Christoph von der Malsburg


A Computationally-efficient Method for Incorporating
Spike Waveform Information Into Decoding Algorithms
Valerie Ventura, Sonia Todorova

Coding Accuracy Is Not Fully Determined by the Neuronal Model
Lubomir Kostal, Petr Lansky

Solving Stereo Transparency With an Extended Coarse-to-fine
Disparity Energy Model
Zhe Li, Ning Qian

Simultaneous Multi-Channel Signal Transfers Via Chaos in a
Recurrent Neural Network
Ken-ichiro Soma, Ryota Mori, Ryuichi Sato, Noriyuki Furumai,
and Shigetoshi Nara

Input Anticipating Critical Reservoirs Show Power Law Forgetting
of Unexpected Input Events
Norbert Michael Mayer

Learning Dynamics of a Single Polar Variable Complex-Valued Neuron
Tohru Nitta

On-line EM With Weight-Based Forgetting
Enric Celaya, Alejandro Agostini


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