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ICML Workshop on Statistics, Machine Learning and Neuroscience (Stamlins
Submission Deadline: May 1, 2015

Call for Papers
In the last decade, machine learning has had a growing influence on
neuroimaging data handling and analysis, making it an ubiquitous component
of all kinds of data analysis procedures and software. While it is clear
that machine learning has the potential to revolutionize both scientific
discovery and clinical diagnosis applications, continued progress requires
close collaboration between statisticians, machine learning practitioners
and neuroscientists. Our workshop goals are to highlight best practices,
disseminate the state of the art in high dimensional methods and related
tools with a focus on application to neuroimaging data analysis, and to
facilitate discussions to identify the key open problems and opportunities
for machine learning in neuroscience.

Topics of interest include:
 - exploratory and predictive modelling of high-dimensional correlated
volumic data e.g. fMRI and PET with emphasis on:
    - applications to cognitive modelling and diagnosis
    - resting state analyses
    - interpretation and visualization of results
    - statistical analysis for parameter recovery
    - advances in scalable techniques and computational infrastructure
 - structured prediction problems in neuroscience e.g. multilabel
classification for mental processes and network prediction.
 - de-noising and predictive modelling for brain-computer interfaces
 - source localization for EEG and MEG
 - deep learning and convolutional networks for neuroscience

Invited Speakers
Pradeep Ravikumar (University of Texas at Austin)
Morten Mørup (Technical University of Denmark)
Alexandre Gramfort (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécomunications)

We invite submissions for original papers that introduce new research
developments, directions, frameworks, results, etc. in these and related
areas. We also invite submissions of recently published high-quality work.
Though, we note that preference will be given to original contributions.
Potential participants may submit full papers (up to 8 pages in length in
ICML format) or short papers (extended abstracts, 2-4 pages in length) by
May 1, 2015 sent electronically via the online submission site:
Acceptance notification: May 10th, 2015

The workshop is semi-archival: materials will be published on the website
with the authors permission. The authors retain the copyright and the
rights to resubmit and publish at other venues.

Organizing Committee
Bertrand Thirion (Inria-CEA)
Lars Kai Hansen (Technical University of Denmark)
Sanmi Koyejo (Stanford University)

For further information, please contact Sanmi Koyejo (sanmi at stanford.edu)
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