[Comp-neuro] Brain-Omics NIPS workshop: Call for contributions

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Tue Oct 14 16:55:55 CEST 2014

Call for contributions

     Workshop on *analyzing the 'omics of the brain*


    A workshop at the Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference on
     Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2014)
       Montreal, QC, Canada, December 12, 2014.

Important dates:
* Oct 31, 2014* : Deadline for submission of extended abstracts
Nov 10, 2014: Acceptance notification
Dec 12, 2014: Workshop date


In the past few years, the field of molecular biology of the brain has
been transformed from hypothesis-based experiments to high-throughput
experiments. The massive growth of data, including measures of the
brain transcriptome, methylome and proteome, now raises new questions
in neurobiology and new challenges in analysis of these complex and
vast datasets. While many of these challenges are shared with other
computational biology studies, the complexity of the brain poses
special challenges. Brain genomics data includes high-resolution
molecular imagery, developmental time courses and most importantly,
underlies complex behavioral phenotypes and psychiatric diseases. New
methods are needed to address questions about the brain-wide,
genome-wide and life-long genomic patterns in the brain and their
relation to brain functions like plasticity and information

The goal of the workshop is to bring together people from the
neuroscience, cognitive science and the machine learning community. It
aims to ease the path for scientists to connect the wealth of genomic
data to the issues of cognition and learning that are central to NIPS,
with an eye to the emerging high-throughput behavioral data which many
are gathering. We invite contributed talks on novel methods of
analysis to brain genomics, as well as techniques to make meaningful
statistical relationships to phenotypes. The target audience includes
two main groups: people interested in developing machine learning
approaches to neuroscience, and people from neuroscience and cognitive
science interested in connecting their work to brain genomics.


Researchers interested in contributing should upload an extended
abstract of 4 pages in PDF format to the Brain-omics submission web site
by Oct 31st,  2014, 11:59pm (time zone of your choice).

No special style is required. Authors may use the NIPS style file, but
are also free to use other styles as long as they use standard font
size (11 pt) and margins (1 in). Relevant works that have been
recently published or presented elsewhere are allowed,
provided that previous publications are explicitly acknowledged.


Nenad Sestan (Yale)
Eran Mukamel (UCSD)


Gal Chechik  (BIU)
Mark Reimers (VCU)
Michael Hawrylycz (Allen institute)
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