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Mon Oct 6 17:47:58 CEST 2014

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to call your attention to a workshop
"Advances in Discrete Networks" that we have organized, to be held at the University of Pittsburgh on December 12-14, 2014.

This three-day workshop will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas relating to quantitative research about networks, pursued with a variety of perspectives and approaches. The event will bring together leading researchers in the field, with backgrounds in areas such as applied mathematics, mathematical biology, statistical physics, and computational methods, along with a diverse pool of graduate students, postdocs, and other scientists who are early in their careers.

Indeed, one of the goals of the meeting is to promote the development and continuation of interdisciplinary collaborations in these areas, as well as the exchange of ideas between participants from a variety of backgrounds and career stages.

More information about the meeting, including a list of speakers, is
available at:


The meeting will include a poster session, and funds are available (under the NSF grant DMS-1446452) to support student and postdoc travel.  If you or someone from your group is interested in attending, as we hope you will be, then please complete an application form, available at the above website or at:


Space is limited, so we encourage early applications.

Thanks for your attention,
Brent Doiron (brent.doiron at gmail.com<mailto:brent.doiron at gmail.com>)
Bard Ermentrout (bard at pitt.edu<mailto:bard at pitt.edu>)
Marta Lewicka (lewicka at pitt.edu<mailto:lewicka at pitt.edu>)
Jon Rubin (jonrubin at pitt.edu<mailto:jonrubin at pitt.edu>)

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