[Comp-neuro] GENESIS 2.4 final release now available

Dave Beeman dbeeman at Colorado.EDU
Wed Nov 12 04:39:50 CET 2014

The November 2014 GENESIS 2.4 release is the first major revision of
the GENESIS 2 neural simulator since the "final" release of GENESIS
2.3 in March 2006. Afterwards, development efforts shifted towards
GENESIS 3 (G-3), a 21st century neural simulator without the
limitations of GENESIS 2 and other simulators that were developed in
the late 1980's and 90's. At this point, G-3 is still in the
development stage.

Although GENESIS 2.3 was intended to be the last release of the GENESIS 2 
series, it has continued to used and to evolve, with modifications needed 
to efficiently implement synaptic plasticity in large networks and many 
contributions from users. This has made it necessary for a new November 
2014 GENESIS 2.4 release.

This new release is now avalable for download from the GENESIS 2 website

If any of you will be attending SfN, you can find out more about it at
my poster 99.09 (TT88) on Sat, Nov. 15, 2014, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The GENESIS 2.4 release includes:

*   The 'stdp_rules' object, documentation, and Scripts for
     implementing spike timing dependent plasticity in networks of
     hsolved cells

*   New network connection commands allow distance-dependent
     connection probabilities and/or weights, or the use of periodic
     boundary conditions for network connectivity.

*   The chemesis library for modeling second messengers and calcium  dynamics

*   Various user-contributed bug-fixes, utilities, and improvements.

*   A new autoconf-based build system, so that a simple "./configure"
     command will create the appropriate Makefile. This has been tested
     under recent Linux and Mac OSX versions. The older method is also
     available for platforms not supported by autoconf.

*   HTML indexing in the 'genesis' directory and subdirectories, for
     easy browsing of the GENESIS directory system and documentation.

*   New tutorial Scripts for chemesis, gpython-tools, purkinje,
     stdp_rules, VAnet2

Dave Beeman

Prof. David Beeman, GENESIS Users Group
email: genesis at genesis-sim.org - dbeeman at .colorado.edu
GENESIS WWW site: http://www.genesis-sim.org/GENESIS/

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