[Comp-neuro] Release of MOOSE 3.0.0 "Kheer Kadam"

U.S.Bhalla bhalla at ncbs.res.in
Tue Nov 11 06:31:35 CET 2014

We announce the release of MOOSE 3.0.0 "Kheer Kadam"
Websites: http://moose.ncbs.res.in, http://sourceforge.net/projects/moose

MOOSE is the Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment. It is 
to simulate neural systems ranging from subcellular components and 
reactions to complex models of single neurons, circuits, and large networks.
MOOSE can operate at many levels of detail, from stochastic chemical
computations, to multicompartment single-neuron models, to spiking neuron
network models.

There are several big changes in 3.0.0::
         - Major feature developments for multiscaling, including 
                 reaction-diffusion calculations, a substantial set of
                 classes for Leaky Integrate-and-Fire neuronal networks,
                 and abstract plastic synapses.
         - Extensive example-based documentation in a new MOOSE Cookbook.
         - An entirely new and faster messaging system.
         - An evolution of the Python interface to use object arrays.
         - Automatic scheduling of all objects upon creation.

This release also has a reworked version of the GUI, which is currently in
alpha but can be used to run and build kinetic models.

About the name:
Kheer Kadam is a sweet from Bengal. It has a soft white, dry and sometimes
powdery outer layer with a pink or white spongy interior soaked in syrup.
Try one!

Upi Bhalla will give a talk on MOOSE at the Neuroscience Gateway Workshop at
SfN 2014 on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014. See 

With best regards,
The MOOSE team:
Subhasis Ray, Harsha Rani, Aditya Gilra, Aviral Goel, Dilawar Singh, Upi 

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