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The Embodied AI and Neurorobotics Lab, part of Centre for BioRobotics at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark, invites applications for a position as postdoc in embodied neural computation. The position is available starting fromMarch2015, or as soon as possible thereafter, for up to two years.
The recently established Embodied AI and Neurobotics lab aims to 1) develop modular bio-inspired robots and their modular neural mechanisms towards embodied autonomous locomotion systems with adaptivity, energy efficiency, and versatility; 2) understand complex dynamical interactions between physical and computational components in embodied neural closed-loop systems. Recent developments of our embodied (neuro) robotic systems include Locokit robots (<http://locokit.sdu.dk/>) and AMOS hexapod walking robots (<http://manoonpong.com/AMOSII.html>).

To further this vision, we are recruiting one highly motivated postdoctoral scientist in the fields of Machine learning, Computational Neuroscience, Embodied AI, and Robotics, to work on neural predictive control for goal-directed learning and multi- scale adaptation. The predictive control will be used for autonomous acoustic navigation and communication of walking robots in complex environments.

The successful candidate will be expected to have 1) a PhD degree in electrical engineering and computer science, computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, physics of complex systems, or a quantitative field, 2) articles published in international peer-reviewed journals documenting experience with embodied neural computation, and 3) strong background on reinforcement learning (such as continuous time actor-critic), artificial neural networks (in particular reservoir computing), nonlinear dynamic systems and robotics (e.g., walking robots), and 4) good programming skills (e.g., C, C++). Additionally, the candidate should have excellent writing skills and be able to work independently. The successful candidate for the position will be affiliated to Centre for BioRobotics at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, the University of Southern Denmark.

Applicants should provide a covering letter explaining their approach to the problem of predictive control alluded to above, and at most three articles illustrating their publication record and research interests, in addition to standard items such as CV, full publication list, etc. (see below).

Applications will be considered continuously until the position is filled.Contact Information:
Further information is available from Assoc. Prof. Poramate Manoonpong, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, Tel: +4565508698, Email: <poma at mmmi.sdu.dk>, Website: <http://www.sdu.dk/staff/poma> , <http://www.manoonpong.com>

An application must include:
* Application
* Curriculum Vitae
* Certificates/Diplomas (Master's degree certificate and the latest certificate)
* Information on previous teaching experience, please attach as Teaching portfolio
* List of publications indicating the publications attached
* Examples of the most relevant publications. Please attach one pdf-file for each publication, a possible co-author statement must be a part of this pdf-file
The University encourages all interested persons to apply, regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation or ethnic background.
The full posting can be accessed at


Please apply online at:

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