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Mon May 12 17:55:42 CEST 2014

*Invitation to the CAN 2014 satellite workshop on "Neural circuits of 
health and disease: from computation to experiment"


We would like to invite you to join us at the CAN 2014 satellite 
workshop on "Neural circuits of health and disease: from computation to 
experiment" to be held on *Monday, May 26 between 5pm and 10pm *at the 
Montreal Hilton Bonaventure. This workshop is organized by the Canadian 
Association for Neuroinformatics and Computational Neuroscience (CNCN) 
and jointly sponsored by CIHR and NeuroDevNet.

The *goals *of this workshop are to (1) showcase the significance of 
CNCN-experimental collaborations, (2) enable new breakthroughs on major 
health questions through break-out sessions matching CNCN expertise with 
experimentalists, and (3) prepare a joint vision on how CNCN will 
optimally benefit health research in Canada. We hope to build new 
collaborations, exchange ideas and demonstrate the usefulness of CNCN. 
In addition, we aim at providing specific suggestions to funding 
agencies on how CNCN could further boost Canadian health research. We 
are also very honored to have *Dr. Eve Marder* (Brandeis University; 
former SfN president) as a keynote lecturer. Please see below for a 
detailed program.

If you are interested in participating, please email Dr. Gunnar Blohm 
(gunnar.blohm at queensu.ca <mailto:gunnar.blohm at queensu.ca>) with a short 
statement of interest and benefit of participation to you. Although this 
workshop is mainly intended for PIs, we also encourage senior graduate 
students and postdocs to apply. Participation is by invitation only. The 
CNCN steering committee will select 60 participants (10 
students/postdocs) out of all applications. Thanks to CIHR and 
NeuroDevNet, workshop participation is free and includes dinner.

We hope to see you at the workshop!


Gunnar Blohm & Paul Pavlidis (co-organizers, co-directors of CNCN)

_Preliminary Program_:

5pm -- 5:15pm -- Welcome by Paul Pavlidis & Gunnar Blohm

Showcases of CNCN-experimental collaborations

5-15pm -- 5:45pm: Neurodevelopmental disorders (TBD)

5:45pm -- 6:15pm: Stroke (TBD)

6:15pm -- 6:45pm: Changes in the dynamics of network oscillations in 
hippocampus as markers of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease mice 
models (Frances Skinner, U Toronto; Sylvain Williams, McGill)

6:45pm -- 7:15pm: Genomics and neuropsychiatric disorders (Gustavo 
Turecki, McGill; Paul Pavlidis, UBC)

7:15pm -- 8:30pm: 6 chaired round table discussions & dinner

8:30pm -- 9:30pm: keynote lecture (Dr. Eve Marder)

9:30pm -- open end: open discussion on vision of CNCN

Dr. Gunnar BLOHM
Assistant Professor in Computational Neuroscience

Centre for Neuroscience Studies, Departments of Biomedical
and Molecular Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, and
Psychology, School of Computing, and
Canadian Action and Perception Network (CAPnet)

Queen's University
18, Stuart Street
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 3N6
Tel: (613) 533-3385
Fax: (613) 533-6840
Email: Gunnar.Blohm at QueensU.ca
Web: http://www.compneurosci.com/

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