[Comp-neuro] Vision Research Special Issue on Quantitative Approaches in Gestalt Perception

Frank Jäkel fjaekel at uos.de
Mon May 5 15:47:27 CEST 2014

Vision Research Special Issue on Quantitative Approaches in Gestalt

Call for papers: Quantitative Approaches in Gestalt Perception

Submissions are invited for a special issue of Vision Research on
Quantitative Approaches in Gestalt Perception.

Gestalt Perception has been the topic of research for more than 100
years since Wertheimer’s seminal publication in 1912. Recently,
quantitative approaches to study Gestalt phenomena helped to specify and
clarify some of the early Gestalt notions, generating testable
quantitative predictions lacking from much of the original Gestalt

This special issue aims to bring together the many diverse quantitative
approaches to the study of Gestalt Perception. Contributions are sought
from visual psychophysics, computer vision, cognitive psychology, the
cognitive neurosciences, computational neuroscience as well as machine
learning and theory.

Papers are invited on all aspects of Gestalt Perception; given the aim
of this Special Issue we have a preference for quantitative approaches,
but may exceptionally consider purely experimental work as well as
historical treatments and reviews if they specifically provide
groundwork for future formal developments.

Examples of specific topics include (but are not limited to):
- Attention and Top-Down Effects on Gestalt Perception
- Configural Superiority
- Environmental and Image Statistics and Gestalts
- Figure-Ground Segmentation
- History and Review of Gestalt Perception
- Learning and Development of Gestalt Perception
- Models of Gestalt Phenomena
- Neuronal Basis of Gestalt Effects
- Object Formation
- Object Recognition and Gestalt
- Perceptual Grouping
- Perceptual Organization of Motion, Form or Scenes
- Shape Perception
- Structural Representations

The call for this Special Issue will appear on the Vision Research
WWW-site by the end of May 2014. The deadline for submissions is the
30th of September 2014, and the publication of the Special Issue is
planned for the end of May 2015.

The Special Issue will be edited by Michael Herzog, Frank Jäkel, Manish
Singh and Felix Wichmann. Should you have any questions feel free to
contact the managing guest editor Frank Jäkel (fjaekel at uos.de) or one of
the other guest editors.
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