[Comp-neuro] International Neural Network Society (INNS) announces new Section on Big Data Analytics

Asim Roy ASIM.ROY at asu.edu
Fri Jun 20 23:27:00 CEST 2014

I am pleased to announce that the International Neural Network Society (INNS) has formed a new Section on Big Data Analytics (BDA). Please visit the webpage http://www.inns.org/big-data-section for further information.

Neural networks have certain distinct advantages over other forms of learning. They include: (1) well-developed methods for online incremental learning that involve simple computations, (2) no scalability issues, (3) they can learn from all of the data instead of samples of data, (4) being able to use massively parallel computations unlike other learning methods, (5) availability of neuromorphic hardware for implementation of neural network learning, and (6) hardware-based real-time learning. Of course some challenges remain, including automation of learning that would avoid human intervention and tweaking of algorithms for every application and high-dimensional data. But we are making progress on these remaining challenges.

Neural network based real-time learning should open the door to wider deployment of big data analytics. Fast and efficient learning, using massively parallel computations, is important to the Industrial Internet and streaming big data. So please join us in this exciting adventure by becoming a member of INNS and its Big Data Analytics Section. Visit http://www.inns.org/ for further information about the organization and its membership. We are also looking for industrial sponsors of this Section to do mini-workshops and other activities.

We plan to have our first Big Data Analytics Section social gathering and organizational meeting at WCCI 2014 in Beijing. It will be on Monday (July 7) evening in the Peony room at the Continental Grand Hotel (2nd floor) from 6 pm to 10 pm. If you are planning to attend WCCI in Beijing, I invite you to join us at this first meeting.

If you are interested in taking a leading role in this Section, please let me know (Asim.Roy at asu.edu<mailto:Asim.Roy at asu.edu>).

Asim Roy
Arizona State University
Chair – Big Data Analytics Section

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