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Dear colleagues,

I wanted to point your attention to the below new initiative, a crowd funding initiative for ADHD research.

Martijn Arns

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Dear collegues,

It is now time to pay attention to www.adhdfund.com<http://www.adhdfund.com/>!
By the end of June, new slots for online research funding will be available. Why not yours??!!
Submit your research now!
ADHDFund connects patients and professionals for research on ADHD. You can put your online questionnaire here online, and/or ask for donations for your patient-oriented research proposal on video (crowdfunding). There are only two criteria to meet: quality and benefit for patients. The scientific board will check this beforehand. Please find the forms here: http://www.adhdfund.com/Research/Criteria#.U5VpjH8aySM
ADHDFund started 2 months ago, so the 'CROWD' is still small. Therefore, it is wise not to ask for more than 5K at this time of development (it is required to get funded 100%, otherwise you receive nothing...).

What after submission?
With your study online, you will have to become active to ask your collegues, friends and patients to donate and support it, thereby increasing the CROWD of ADHDFund! ADHDFund will support all studies online by increasing awareness on ADHDFund and its aims:http://www.adhdfund.com/About/Research#.U5VqNn8aySMhttp://www.adhdfund.com/About/Research#.U5VqNn8aySM

In order to build the international crowd, ADHDFund needs Ambassadors in every country to increase awareness through social and regular media. Can you help?? Please let me know!!

Looking forward to your response and submissions,

Yours, Sandra Kooij
Chair ADHDFund

Please take a look at www.adhdfund.com<http://www.adhdfund.com/> for the first international online crowdfund for research on ADHD!

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