[Comp-neuro] Integrative Brain Function Workshop: Multi-modal approaches to understand brain functions

Joseph Lizier joseph.lizier at csiro.au
Tue Jun 10 03:55:25 CEST 2014

Dear All,

Please find below details of the Integrative Brain Function Workshop:
Multi-modal approaches to understand brain functions, to be held in
Melbourne on Monday 30 June.

Integrative Brain Function Workshop

Multi-modal approaches to understand brain functions

The goal of this workshop is to offer an opportunity for neuroscientists
with various backgrounds to interact and exchange ideas. Specifically,
we encourage participation of neuroscientists who are interested in
understanding the neural systems at the perceptual and behavioural level
and who try to combine multiple methodologies, such as
electrophysiology, imaging, advanced signal processing and computational

Date: Monday June 30, 2014. (from 9am)

Deadline for abstracts: June 9

Location: Monash Biomedical Imaging facility, 770 Blackburn Rd, Clayton
VIC, Australia.

Keynote speaker:

David Leopold from NIH/NIMH, USA
Cortical circuits underlying social visual perception in the primate

Elizabeth Zavitz (Monash University) 
Population coding of motion direction in marmoset area MT is rapid and

Alex Fornito (Monash University) 
Mapping the context-dependent organization of large-scale brain networks
with fMRI

Farshad Mansouri (Monash University) 
The role frontal pole cortex (area 10) in cognitive flexibility and
executive control

Ben Fulcher (Monash University)
Highly comparative time-series analysis for neuroscience

Stefan Bode (University of Melbourne) 
The application of multivariate pattern classification analysis to fMRI
and EEG data

Spencer Chen (University of Sydney) 
Population correlations and spatial discrimination in area MT

Dean Freestone (University of Melbourne) 
Estimation of Functional Dynamics using Data-Driven Mesoscopic Nerual

Rory Townsend (University of Sydney) 
Detecting spatiotemporal dynamics in primate neural oscillations

Joseph Lizier (CSIRO, Sydney) 
Local active information storage in distributed cortical information

Steven Petrou (the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health) 
Revealing pathological mechanisms in genetic epilepsy

Enquiries please contact Nao Tsuchiya

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Nao (Naotsugu) Tsuchiya, Ph.D.
1. Associate Professor
   School of Psychological Sciences
   Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University 
2. ARC Future Fellow
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