[Comp-neuro] Announcement: GENESIS 2.4 beta tutorial at CNS

Hugo Cornelis hugo.cornelis at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 19:44:04 CEST 2014

This is a public announcement of the GENESIS-2.4 tutorial at the
Computational Neuroscience meeting (CNS) in Quebec City and the
official public beta release of GENESIS 2.4.  This new release
includes support for spike-timing dependent plasticity in large
networks of multicompartmental cells, bug fixes, comes with new python
utilities and tutorial materials.

The "Ultimate GENESIS Tutorial Distribution", included in this
release, contains updated course materials for the tutorial
Constructing biologically realistic neuron and network models with

The tutorial brings together material that is available as separate
downloads from the GENESIS web site and through the GENESIS Users
Group. It includes several simulator-independent tutorials on
biologically realistic neural modeling, as well as both tutorial and
research simulations that have been implemented with GENESIS.

The latest version of this GENESIS tutorial distribution will be
available at http://genesis-sim.org/GENESIS/UGTD.html.

The GENESIS tutorial at the CNS meeting is introductory and aimed at
people who are new to or have only elementary knowledge about the
GENESIS-2 simulator, as well as those who have used GENESIS in the
past and would like to learn of new developments in cortical network
modeling with GENESIS.

* introduction and overview

** Why are we doing this?

** resources

** installation and configuration overview

* single neuron modeling and visualization

* debugging model and script

* fast simulations with hsolve

* network modeling

* spike-timing dependent plasticity

During the last hour of the tutorial, I will show in detail how to
technically debug models, scripts and source code, at various levels
of implementation.

The latest news can always be found at http://genesis-sim.org/GENESIS/



                  Hugo Cornelis Ph.D.

            GENESIS-3 -- lead architect

            Neurospaces Project Architect
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