[Comp-neuro] Brian tutorial at CNS meeting in Québec City

Marcel Stimberg marcel.stimberg at inserm.fr
Wed Jul 23 13:42:39 CEST 2014

           **Brian tutorial at CNS meeting in Québec City**

Everyone interested in simulating spiking neural networks is invited to 
join us for a tutorial on the "Brian simulator":

         9am-4.30pm, Saturday, 26th July 2014 in Québec City

The tutorial is part of the OCNS meeting's tutorials 
(http://www.cnsorg.org/cns-2014-tutorials) and takes place in room 2101 
of the Québec City Conference Center.

It will demonstrate the use of Brian 2, a major update of the Brian 
simulator which further improves its flexibility and adds exciting new 
code generation abilities.

We will provide an introduction to Brian in the morning (no prior 
knowledge of Brian necessary) and discuss more advanced topics 
(including the new code generation features) in the afternoon. We 
recommend participants to install the current version of Brian 2 
beforehand; installation instructions, the schedule and additional 
material can be found here:

Best regards,
   Marcel Stimberg

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