[Comp-neuro] Videos online: Workshop on Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD) and Related Neurological Phenomena

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*18 VIDEOS online available: *
*Workshop on Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD) and Related Neurological


Organizers: K. C. Brennan (Neurology,U Utah), Markus A. Dahlem (Physics,
Humboldt U, Berlin), Huaxiong Huang (Math. & Statistics, York U), Robert M.
Miura (Math. Sci. and Biomedical Eng, NJIT)

This workshop brought together a group of researchers from the areas of
mathematical modeling and clinicians and experimentalists in neuroscience
to address some of the fundamental issues related to neurovascular coupling
and cortical spreading depression (CSD) and related neurological

   1. Bernice Grafstein: Spreading depression as a holistic process: A
   historical perspective
   2. Cenk Ayata: Spreading depression and the biological heterogeneity of
   cerebral blood flow response: clues for modeling
   3. Huaxiong Huang: Modeling cortical spreading depression and related
   4. Steven Schiff: Unification in the Observation and Control of Spikes,
   Seizures, and Spreading Depression
   5. Jessica Seidel: Cerebral Venous Potassium Efflux During Spreading
   6. David Terman: Blocking spreading depolarizations in a
   neuron/astrocyte network model
   7. Jed Hartings: Spreading depolarizations in acute brain injury:
   mathematical dynamic instability of cerebral cortex?
   8. Béla Joós: The Nav coupled left shift model of axon damage: how minor
   damage can cause major grief
   9. Ghanim Ullah: Towards a model-based control of neuronal systems
   10. Jorge Manuel Mendez: In vivo cellular dynamics in cortical spreading
   11. Ernest Barreto: Ion Concentration Dynamics and its Effects on
   Neuronal Excitability and Bursting
   12. Bas-Jan Zandt: Dynamics of single neurons and populations during
   spreading depolarization
   13. Niklas Hübel: Dynamics from seconds to hours in HodgkinHuxley model
   with time- dependent ion concentrations and buffer reservoirs
   14. Markus A. Dahlem: Ghost behavior: Transient localized patterns of
   CSD in the gyrified human cortex
   15. K.C. Brennan: Minimum conditions for the induction of CSD
   16. Edward Dudek: Perinatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy:
   electrographic seizures vs background supression
   17. David Andrew: Spreading depolarization strength during ischemia
   determines higher brain susceptibility and lower brain resistance to acute
   18. Yoichiro Mori: Modeling ionic electrodiffusion and osmosis in
   spreading depression

If you are interested in updates and upcoming events on this topic, please
sent an email to dahlem at physik.hu-berlin.de


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